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HOI research | Data sustainability: navigating the future of data governance across generations

In the era of big data, the concept of data sustainability is emerging as a critical aspect of data governance. This article explores a recent academic paper that delves into the concept of data sustainability, its importance in data infrastructures, and its implications for long-term knowledge discoveries.

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Understanding data sustainability

Data sustainability refers to the capacity of data to endure across technological and human generations. This concept is critical in the context of data infrastructures aimed at long-term knowledge discoveries. It challenges the data governance literature from a temporal perspective, emphasizing the need for data to transition across socio-technical regimes over time, yet remain embedded in social and material networks to be meaningful.

The temporal challenges of data governance

The paper discusses the challenges of ensuring data sustainability in the face of rapid technological advancements. Without continuous data investments, past data can become inaccessible and lose meaning for the future. The authors argue that addressing these challenges can advance data governance and contribute to social and environmental sustainability.

The role of data sustainability in knowledge discover

Data sustainability is critical for facilitating knowledge advances beyond current questions. It allows historical and present data to remain available and accessible in near and distant futures, enabling new data linkages and combinations. This capacity of data to endure and transcend technological and social arrangements is crucial for long-term knowledge discoveries.

The implications of data sustainability

The paper emphasizes the importance of incorporating data sustainability in data governance efforts. It suggests that ensuring data sustainability can contribute to the progression in social and environmental sustainability. The authors call for more research on data sustainability in data infrastructures to further understand its implications and navigate its challenges.

The researchers behind the study

This paper is the result of a collaborative effort by two researchers:

  • Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Center for Business, Technology, and Law, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, United States of America
  • Anna Essén, House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
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