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New research | Women entrepreneurs in family businesses in the Gulf break barriers

01 July 2024
A new study explores how women in Bahrain's family businesses overcome barriers and use their agency to drive success. Published in the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, this research highlights the unique challenges and enablers that support women entrepreneurs in the Gulf States.

New research | Socioemotional wealth considerations drive strategic decisions in family businesses

01 July 2024
Family-owned businesses often seek a balance between financial gains and non-financial goals, significantly shaping their strategic choices. This new study, published in Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, refines how we measure these socioemotional factors, revealing their profound impact on family firms.

HOI research | Hidden causes behind fluctuating demand in supply chains

26 June 2024
Why does demand suddenly spike and drop in supply chains? Researchers have identified a range of factors contributing to this, known as the bullwhip effect. Their study, published in Management Research Review, systematically categorizes these causes to help businesses better understand and mitigate the problem.

HOI research | Pairs in Innovation: How Collaborative Duos Foster Resilience in Crisis

13 June 2024
What makes some groundbreaking innovations seem to thrive despite setbacks? A recent study reveals the secret: pairs. When two people work closely together, they create a unique environment that helps them overcome obstacles and continue innovating. Published in the European Management Journal, this research shows how resilience is activated in pairs facing innovation crises.

HOI research | Open innovation's potential for science explored

13 June 2024
Open Innovation (OI) principles are being applied to enhance scientific research, showing both the potential benefits and limitations. An internationally co-authored essay, published in Innovation: Organization & Management, highlights how open and collaborative approaches could transform scientific practices.

HOI research | How dialogue shapes strategy implementation

13 June 2024
Engaging in dialogue can significantly shape how new strategies are implemented within organizations. A study published in the Journal of Knowledge Management explores the different ways conversations among employees help identify and develop opportunities to implement new strategies.

HOI research | Synthesis in innovation helps teams converge on strategic visions

13 June 2024
A collaborative process based on synthesis helps teams align on new strategic visions, enhancing idea integration and emotional engagement. Published in Innovation: Organization & Management, the study explores how synthesis can reconcile different ideas to generate a shared innovative vision, highlighting its benefits and challenges.

HOI research | Holistic approach to AI in radiology to overcome implementation hurdles

05 June 2024
Can a comprehensive strategy make AI work in radiology? A new study in Insights into Imaging shows how addressing technology, workflow, and organization challenges can lead to successful AI integration.

HOI research | Leagile supply chains boost sustainable business performance, study finds

04 June 2024
How can companies balance efficiency and flexibility while maintaining sustainability? A new study explores the integration of lean and agile supply chain strategies to enhance sustainable performance across the triple-bottom line (economic, environmental, and social performance). The research is published in the journal Production Planning & Control.

HOI research | Boards of social hybrid organizations face hurdles in measuring social impact

31 May 2024
A recent study reveals that boards of social hybrid organizations encounter significant challenges in implementing social impact measurements. Published in The British Accounting Review, this research sheds light on the difficulties these boards face and offers insights into improving governance practices.
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