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SAGE Handbook of CCM

The Sage Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management. Edited by B. Szkudlarek, L. Romani, D. Caprar and J. Osland

This Handbook presents a comprehensive and contemporary compendium of the field of cross-cultural management (CCM). In recognition of current trends regarding migration, political ethnocentrisms and increasing nationalism, the chapters in this volume not only cover the traditional domains of CCM such as expatriation, global (virtual) teamwork and leadership,  but also examine emerging topics such as bi/multi-culturalism, migration, religion and more, all considered from a global perspective.

The result is a Handbook that acknowledges and builds on a variety of research traditions (from mainstream to interpretivist to critical CCM), updates existing knowledge in relation to current challenges, and sets the direction for future research and developments.

Sample reviews: 

The editors of The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management set themselves an ambitious goal “to provide a compass for CCM scholarship, practice, and policy and encourage the multi-level, multi-paradigmatic, and interdisciplinary reflective stance needed for a relevant, contemporary, CCM.” Amazingly, this volume, with contributions from key luminaries of the CCM field, does just that! A must have for any serious researcher in CCM, I give this book my highest recommendation. Kudos to all the authors and editors for this exemplary contribution to the field of CCM.

Nakiye A. Boyacigiller, Emerita Professor of International Management, Sabanci University and San Jose State University

This state-of-the-art collection pushes the theoretical, thematic and disciplinary frontiers of cross-cultural management. It combines rigorous insights with fresh interdisciplinary perspectives on emerging topics. This exciting intellectual journey is a vital prompt for more reflexive and pluralistic theorizing and empirical work in the field. The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management is a must-read for scholars from any discipline interested in cross-cultural dimensions of managing and organising in our diverse, fragile and complex world.

Gavin Jack, Professor of Management, Monash University