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Women village leaders and equality

04 March 2021
Women village leaders in Tamil Nadu (India): how their position of token can explain limited progress in gender equality. A new publication by Taran Patel, Laurence Romani, Poonam Oberoi and Chandra Ramasamy in the journal Organization

Report on the role of the chair of the board

01 March 2021
I den här rapporten behandlar I. Holmberg, S. Liljegren och I. Sölvell styrelse-ordförandens särställning i styrelsen och dennes roll och funktion för företagets strategiska utveckling.

Organizations under-employing migrants

05 February 2021
Underemploying highly skilled migrants: An organizational logic protecting corporate ‘normality’ a new publication by Annette Risberg and Laurence Romani in Human Relations

Ansvarsfullt Ledarskap

18 June 2020
Ansvarsfullt ledarskap: vägen till hållbara affärer. Ingalill Holmberg och Pernilla Petrelius Karlberg

SAGE Handbook of CCM

17 June 2020
The Sage Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management. Edited by B. Szkudlarek, L. Romani, D. Caprar and J. Osland

Inclusive leadership

03 June 2020
Inclusive leadership for the ethical management of cultural diversity, by Laurence Romani and Charlotte Holgersson This chapter is published in the Research handbook of global leadership: making a difference, edited by L. Zander

Edited volume

17 December 2019
Cases in Critical Cross-Cultural Management: An Intersectional Approach to Culture edited by Jasmin Mahadevan, Henriett Primecz and Laurence Romani

Ledarskap i politiken

06 December 2019
Ledarskap i politiken – då och nu | av Anna Kinberg Batra, Ingalill Holmberg & Mats Jutterström

Journal Article

05 February 2019
Learning to become manager: The identity work of first-time managers by Pernilla Bolander, Ingalill Holmberg and Elisabeth Fellbom

Journal Article

05 February 2019
Benevolent discrimination: Explaining how human resources professionals can be blind to the harm of diversity initiatives by Laurence Romani, Lotte Holck and Annette Risberg in Organization
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