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Taxation, Labor Supply, and Retirement Behavior: A Glimpse into Johanna Wallenius' Career and Research, Featured in Talouselämä Magazine

15 November 2023
In an interview with Talouselämä Magazine, Johanna Wallenius, Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at SSE, explores her career and research, revealing the influence of Nobel Laureate Edward Prescott's work on taxation and labor supply on her professional journey. Emphasizing her focus on retirement behavior.

“Design or Business?” with Coop

14 November 2023
Vanja Lagercrantz, Head of UX & Design at Coop, held a theme lecture about Design Thinking to the students in the Retail Management program.

Overcoming the Cold-Start Problem: the key to successful AI strategies

14 November 2023
In the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a significant challenge that organizations face is the "cold-start problem" in nascent AI strategies. This issue, central to the development and implementation of AI, is intricately linked to the concept of data network effects (NEs). The research reveals that the success of emerging AI-led strategies is critically dependent on these data NEs, which are qualitatively different from traditional network effects.

Pioneering revenue models for digital servitization: a comprehensive framework for value capture

13 November 2023
In the era of digital transformation, manufacturing companies are shifting their business models from traditional product sales to advanced service contracts, a process known as "digital servitization". Groundbreaking research provides a comprehensive framework for designing new revenue models for digital services, offering valuable insights for companies navigating this complex transition.

Navigating the present and future of innovation: Marie Bemler’s doctoral exploration

10 November 2023
Marie Bemler has recently marked a significant milestone in her academic journey, having successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the Stockholm School of Economics. Her research, encapsulated in “The Present Future,” provides a detailed exploration of how future anticipations, developed through path creation, exert a profound influence on present innovation activities, with a spotlight on radical innovations like self-driving vehicles.

Understanding the Role of Place in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Insights from Dr. Mary Kathleen F. Burke

09 November 2023
Pioneering Insights into the Heart of Entrepreneurship: How does the place we are in shape the way we innovate and do business? Dr. Mary Kathleen F. Burke’s dissertation unveils the powerful influence of location on entrepreneurial activities, revealing that where we are matters just as much as what we do.

Anna Dreber new member of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation

09 November 2023
Anna Dreber, Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at SSE, has been appointed member of the board of the Danish National Research Foundation. The appointment starts on January 1, 2024.

The Swedish Hockey League strengthens its cooperation with the Stockholm School of Economics

09 November 2023
The Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is strengthening its cooperation with the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). SHL is supporting the center with a guest professor, new research projects, and student teams, as well as contributing to a European education program for executives, the European Sports Business Program. The goal is to develop in areas such as organization, digitalization, sustainability, innovation, partnerships, and commercialization.

Generative AI workshop at Accenture

08 November 2023
Accenture Retail Club visited the Accenture head office in central Stockholm for a workshop on AI in Retail.

Private Label at Coop

08 November 2023
Coop's Retail Club had a workshop about Private Label at Coop.