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Difficult times ahead for the Belarus economy

19 October 2020
The Belarus economy was already struggling to generate growth before both the corona pandemic and the political protests following the August presidential election. The lack of growth was the result of an incomplete transition process to modernize the economy combined with a strong reliance on the Russian economy and its dependence on international commodity prices that have not paid off in recent years. Read the latest policy brief by SITE's director Torbjörn Becker to learn more!

Limited access to Bonnierrummet

19 October 2020
Limited access to Bonnierrummet October 21

28 MSEK to new research program on digital innovation

16 October 2020
The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has awarded 28 MSEK to a new research program focused on digital innovation, combining scientific excellence with societal impact. The program will be conducted at the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation (SCDI), with nodes at the Stockholm School of Economics House of Innovation, Umeå University and the University of Gothenburg. SCDI partners with RISE Digital Innovation for the project.

The Next Step in Offline Retail at Swedish Match

14 October 2020
Swedish Match’s Retail Club had a workshop with a focus on offline retailing and reaching a new customer target group.

How can we make customers more aware of our sustainability story?

14 October 2020
H&M Retail Club had its first workshop with the task to find ways to better communicate their sustainability story on the product detail page.

Attracting and retaining valuable and crucial talent in the future IKEA business

14 October 2020
IKEA´s Retail Club had an online workshop on how to attract, hire and retain valuable and crucial talent in the future IKEA business.

Rejection and dehumanization when store employees break social norms during corona

14 October 2020
Employees who violate the social norms during the corona pandemic are seen as less competent and warm – and even less human, a new study from the Stockholm School of Economics shows. Anger, disgust and rejection as a response, however, makes it less likely that norm-violators change their behavior.

Domestic violence – the case of Sweden during the pandemic

13 October 2020
Violence within the home is the most common form of interpersonal violence for women. While children and men are also victims of abuse of various kind within the family, intimate partner violence committed by men against women is generally the most common form of domestic violence. Has intimate partner violence increased in Sweden during the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Auction theory – affects more of your life than you think

12 October 2020
This year’s Nobel Laureates in the Economic Sciences, Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson, have improved auction theory and invented new auction formats, benefitting both sellers and buyers across the world. Auctions affect our everyday lives more than people realize, from climate change initiatives to broadband access, explains Assistant Professor Andreea Enache.

Join the Financing Sustainable Cities workshop series

12 October 2020
As part of the Smart City Business Event, this three-day workshop series will explore what barriers and possibilities presently exist in amplifying city innovations and enabling cities to reach their sustainability goals.

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