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Navigating uncertainty: How senior IS managers control information systems projects

12 June 2023
In the complex and often uncertain landscape of Information Systems (IS) projects, senior IS managers face the daunting task of maintaining control and ensuring successful outcomes. A recent academic paper investigates how project uncertainty influences these managers' control-style choices and how these choices impact the performance of IS projects.

SSE's MFIN program ranked 18 in the world

12 June 2023
SSE’s Master in Finance program ranks 18 in the world. This according to the latest Financial Times ranking of the best Master in Finance programs released today.

CSR Center nominated for the Blaze Inclusion Awards 2023

12 June 2023
We are delighted to announce that for the second year in a row, the Center for Sustainability research at SIR (CSR) is one of the nominees for the Blaze Inclusion Awards 2023.

Record applications to SSE’s incubator: 11 new startups admitted

12 June 2023
After an intensive admissions period, SSE Business Lab is taking in eleven new companies. The startups are tackling challenges like the green energy transition and people’s deteriorating private finances.

Can bubble-hopping make us better people?

09 June 2023
Can stepping out of our own bubble make us better – or at least more accepting – people? In this semester's last episode of Sound Economy we speak to Emma Stenström, Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, about her research on bubble-hopping and how it can serve to bridge divides between people.

Companies promise too much with "fossil-free" goods

08 June 2023
Many companies use the term "fossil-free" in their marketing, but they seem to mean different things by the word. In an ongoing project, the possibilities of reaching a common definition are being investigated, although it looks like it will take some time before it is possible to label a product as "fossil-free".

Is psychological safety and resilience important for investment employees?

08 June 2023
Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) initiates a new research collaboration with Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) to investigate the importance of psychological safety and resilience among employees in the fund.

Zoltán Rácz: latest PhD graduate at the Department of Economics

07 June 2023
Department of Economics is proud to present its latest PhD graduate: Zoltán Rácz. He has successfully defended his thesis on the 7th of June, and we congratulate him on this momentous achievement. Congratulations, Zoltán!

Open Seminar at Score

07 June 2023
Welcome to a seminar on 8 June 2023 with Patrik Aspers, Professor Ordinarius, Universität St. Gallen, Schweiz.

Podcast: Unveiling the Power of Learning from the Past

07 June 2023
It is said that humans never learn from history. But is that really true?