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Pleasant anticipation ahead of the European Week

23 June 2024
Next week, 80 bachelor students from the SSE, Bocconi, CEU, IE University, SNSPA, Sciences Po, SGH and LSE, will gather in London for this year’s European Week. The topic of this edition is "Migration in a Changing Europe". The participating students from SSE are looking forward to the CIVICA event.

New bank partnership offers unique research opportunities in wellbeing and welfare

20 June 2024
What can we do to promote wellbeing, welfare, and happiness? Swedbank, the Savings Banks in Sweden, and the Center for Wellbeing, Welfare and Happiness at the Stockholm School of Economics are joining forces to enhance understanding of what builds wellbeing and to establish new, more human perspectives on economics.

SSE hosted Global Network Week on Nordic Entrepreneurship

19 June 2024
Last week, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) welcomed 48 participants from 15 prestigious Executive MBA programs worldwide for the Nordic Entrepreneurship course. We had representatives from AIM, Berkeley Haas, EGADE, ESMT, FGV EAESP, Fudan, IE University, IMD, NUS, Oxford Saïd, Strathmore, UNSW, Yale, SSE Riga, and SSE.

Milestones in economic research and institution building | SITE’s 35th Anniversary

19 June 2024
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) celebrates 35 years of pioneering economic research, institution building and policy analysis.

Asian Barometer 2024: Trends in Swedish Views of China, India, and Japan

17 June 2024
The Asian Barometer 2024 reports on trends in the Swedish public’s views of China, India, and Japan.

G7 Policy Brief by Bali Swain and co-authors on Enhancing G7 Leadership in Global Climate Action

17 June 2024

More than 300 companies through SSE Business Lab – interest in entrepreneurship surging

17 June 2024
With its eleven newly admitted companies, SSE Business Lab is reaching a new milestone: 307 startups have now passed through the incubator. More than one third of these were admitted just in the past four years.

HOI research | Pairs in Innovation: How Collaborative Duos Foster Resilience in Crisis

13 June 2024
What makes some groundbreaking innovations seem to thrive despite setbacks? A recent study reveals the secret: pairs. When two people work closely together, they create a unique environment that helps them overcome obstacles and continue innovating. Published in the European Management Journal, this research shows how resilience is activated in pairs facing innovation crises.

HOI research | Open innovation's potential for science explored

13 June 2024
Open Innovation (OI) principles are being applied to enhance scientific research, showing both the potential benefits and limitations. An internationally co-authored essay, published in Innovation: Organization & Management, highlights how open and collaborative approaches could transform scientific practices.

HOI research | How dialogue shapes strategy implementation

13 June 2024
Engaging in dialogue can significantly shape how new strategies are implemented within organizations. A study published in the Journal of Knowledge Management explores the different ways conversations among employees help identify and develop opportunities to implement new strategies.