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Study Visit at Axel Johnson / Axfood

29 September 2022
All first-year students in the Retail Management-program visited Axel Johnson/Axfood to learn more about their business.

New paper and podcast on Cultural Diversity in Top Management Teams

29 September 2022
In a newly published research paper, professor Karl Wennberg and colleagues from Spain, Russia and Lithuania writes about what is known and what is unknown in research on Cultural Diversity in Top Management Teams.

Mariassunta Giannetti elected member of the European Financial Architecture Research and Policy Network

29 September 2022

New book on the informal sector and the environment

29 September 2022
By its very nature the informal sector includes economic activity that lies outside the government regulation or taxation. The environmental degradation produced within the informal sector activities thus present additional challenges. Nearly 35 (15) percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in low and middle income (advanced) economies is generated within the informal sector. According to the ILO more than 6 workers in 10 and 4 enterprises out of 5 in the world operate in the informal economy. CSR's Ranjula Bali Swain and University of Reading’s Uma Kambhampati have recently published a book on this theme.

SSE starts evergreen fund backed by renowned investors

29 September 2022
The venture capital industry is hampered by its own focus on short-term returns, according to the startup incubator of the Stockholm School of Economics. SSE Business Lab is now closing a new 40 million SEK fund backed by Bonnier Ventures and well-known profiles like Anna Nordell-Westling, Sven Hagströmer, Anna Kinberg Batra and Sebastian Knutsson. “Long-term thinking amplifies the potential returns”, says CEO Julia Delin.

Development of the LYKO-app

28 September 2022
Lyko had a workshop about how the firm can develop an app and what should be in it in order to attract customers/users.

Forskare: ”Folk jobbar även när de inte är kontrollerade”

28 September 2022
Efter pandemin vill de flesta fortsätta arbeta hemifrån, visar en ny internationell studie. Enligt Lena Lid Falkman, forskare i arbetslivsvetenskap, visar forskning att hemarbete främjar både produktivitet och effektivietet.– Det är den stora myten vi har spräckt, folk jobbar även när de inte är kontrollerade. De levererar hemifrån, säger hon till SVT.

Metaverse at Accenture

27 September 2022
Accenture held a theme lecture in the applied retail track labelled Metaverse X Retail.

Higher education and research in times of war and peace: Key insights from the 2022 FREE Network conference

26 September 2022
Russia’s war on Ukraine entails lost human capital, both in actual lives lost and due to major disruptions to key functions of the society, such as education and research. In light of this, the FREE Network, together with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA) and the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), hosted the public conference “Higher Education and Research in War and Peace“ in Warsaw on the 10th of September 2022. This policy brief is based on the presentations and panel discussions held during the conference.

Gender Salary Gap in the Auditing Profession: Trend and Explanations

22 September 2022
New research from the Department of Accounting examines the gender salary gap in the auditing profession in Sweden.
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