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What are the challenges to media freedom in Eastern European countries?

05 March 2021
In recent years, press freedom in many Eastern European countries has increasingly come under threat. This policy brief provides an overview of the importance of a free press for democracy and the challenges to media freedom in these European transition economies.

Women village leaders and equality

04 March 2021
Women village leaders in Tamil Nadu (India): how their position of token can explain limited progress in gender equality. A new publication by Taran Patel, Laurence Romani, Poonam Oberoi and Chandra Ramasamy in the journal Organization

Heavyweights in SSE Business Lab’s new Board of Admissions

04 March 2021
The startup incubator of the Stockholm School of Economics, SSE Business Lab, is today announcing its new Board of Admissions, with a list of highly impressive people. Together the board, with names such as Sebastian Knutsson, Lisa Lindström and Sven Hagströmer, will decide which companies are accepted into the incubator.

Vacancy: Exam coordinator

03 March 2021
We are looking for you - an administrative wiz, who will have a key role in organizing and coordinating centrally administered examinations at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The SNS Economic Policy Council 2021: “Support the European Commission’s proposal to regulate digital markets”

03 March 2021
The European Commission has presented a proposal to regulate digital markets. This proposal targets dominant platforms and imposes far- reaching restrictions against self-preferencing and obligations to share data. In “The SNS Economic Policy Council Report 2021: Digitalization and Competition” published February 26 by SNS, four researchers argue that Sweden should support this proposal.

Report on the role of the chair of the board

01 March 2021
I den här rapporten behandlar I. Holmberg, S. Liljegren och I. Sölvell styrelse-ordförandens särställning i styrelsen och dennes roll och funktion för företagets strategiska utveckling.

Retail Week 2021

01 March 2021
The Retail Day becomes a whole week of events! This inspirational fair is open to all SSE students and where many of Sweden’s largest retailers will be present. "Well-being at the workplace" is this year's theme.

Who's winning the vaccination race? Addressing the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Eastern Europe

01 March 2021
There are great expectations that vaccinations will enable a return to normality from COVID-19. However, there is massive variation in vaccination efforts, vaccine access, and attitudes to vaccination in the population across countries. This policy brief compares the situation in a number of countries in Eastern Europe, the Baltics, the Caucasus region, and Sweden. The brief is based on the insights shared at a recent webinar “Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic: Vaccination efforts in FREE Network countries” organized by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.

Sweden's most climate-smart students at SSE

25 February 2021
For the third year in a row, the student bookstore Campusbokhandeln hands out the award and scholarship "Sweden's most climate-smart students" and the winners of 2021 are a duo from the Stockholm School of Economics. Together, Cecilia Nyquist and Elias Höckerfelt have started the climate organization SSCA, which among other things influenced SSE to adapt to the 1.5-degree goal and include more climate and sustainability in the courses.

New article examines entrepreneurship in the space industry

24 February 2021
New research on innovation and entrepreneurship suggests that institutions and policies within the space industry have effectively shrunk the entrepreneurial field there, leaving little room for enterprise.
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