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Podcast: Unveiling the Power of Learning from the Past

07 June 2023
It is said that humans never learn from history. But is that really true?

SSE students in Washington, DC – had dinner with former US Deputy Secretary of State

01 June 2023
In May members of the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication travelled to Washington, DC with the students of Applied History 767: World Order & Present Challenges. Designed by Center Director Dr. Rikard Westerberg, this globetrotting course has been offered since 2019 and sees students from the Stockholm School of Economics embark on a deep dive of statecraft, diplomacy and international history.

Learn more about CSSC's new upcoming course "Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion"

15 May 2023
We are excited to introduce a new course, "Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion," which will be offered in the upcoming Fall 2023 semester. Designed to equip students with fundamental skills in persuasive communication, this course encompasses a comprehensive blend of theoretical, historical, and applied approaches.

The Ax:son Johnson Institute is looking for a Project Manager

25 April 2023
For those who have a passion for the interaction between research/theory and practice/application in foreign and security policy, geopolitics and international relations.

StratCom Lunch with Henrik Landerholm on Sweden's National Security

20 April 2023
On April 19th, 2023, the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication hosted a highly engaging event, "StratCom Lunch with Henrik Landerholm - A New Era of National Security." As Sweden's National Security Advisor, Mr. Landerholm provided valuable insights on building a National Security Council in today's complex world.

Ax:son Johnson Institute Launches New Website

05 April 2023
The Ax:son Johnson Institute has launched a new website showcasing their historical research and collaboration with the Ax:son Johnson Foundation

Locked arms: looming threats to the Romania-NATO partnership

29 March 2023
Mara Bălașa sheds light in Engelsberg Ideas on the complexities of the partnership between Romania and NATO, as well as the potential threats that could impact this alliance.

Having a daughter can ‘nudge’ CEOs towards supporting equality

24 March 2023
Raising daughters can make male company leaders more supportive of women’s struggles for equality, new research shows. This also leads to employing more women in their companies and on their boards.

Apply for Engelsberg Research Retreat 2023

16 March 2023
SSE researchers are welcome to spend a few weeks at the beautiful Engelsbergs estate, 2-hour drive from Stockholm. You can bring your family. There is no cost. Apply by March 28th.

New SSE collaborative innovation project for public sector governance: SustainGov

13 March 2023
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