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Keys to a sustainable food and beverage industry: Transparency and consumer-farmer connections - 25 Mar 2024

The House of Innovation and the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) hosted an event to explore the transformative journey of coffee from crop to cup and delved into the future of food and beverage sustainability. Attendees enjoyed an engaging lunch discussion with the main speakers: Associate Professor Pär Mårtensson and Niklas Löfberg, CEO at Era of We.

Participants were invited to learn more about the future of food and sustainability in the beverage industry, starting with coffee! Era of We offers the first end-to-end coffee industry software that connects important stakeholders in the value chain to display the stories behind each product. The aim is to make companies and consumers deeply care about the choice of coffee and the brands they purchase, placing sustainability at the forefront of quality assessment.

During this lunch discussion attendees learned more about the story of coffee from crop to cup, as well as what the choice of a brand or a coffee means for the growers and our planet. Niklas Löfberg first gave a presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Niklas Löfberg

Niklas is the CEO of Era of We and part of the fourth generation of the Löfberg family, who is one of the founders of the initiative. Before joining the Era of We, Niklas worked 10+ years as a strategy consultant within the area of sustainable growth. Era of We is an online service platform for coffee brands around the world. The mission is to break all barriers for coffee to become a fully sustainable product.

Pär Mårtensson

Pär is an Associate Professor at the House of Innovation and has worked together with the Löfberg family for several years. With a background in change management, Pär sees Era of We as an interesting example of how innovation and new technlogy can contribute to sustainable growth and adding value to customers, coffee farmers, and companies.

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