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The history of he Department of Marketing and Strategy

In the late 1920s SSE’s Eli F. Hecksher recruited Gerhard Törnqvist onto a national committee working on goods distribution and to the Institute for Business Research, which had been founded at SSE in 1928. From these roots grew the subjects of marketing and strategy at SSE, both as research fields and teaching subjects.

The present Department of Marketing and Strategy is based on several research institutions, such as the Center for the Study of Business Markets (CSBM), the Center for Economic Psychology (CeMEP), the Center for Consumer Marketing (CCM), the Center for Information and Communication (CIC) and the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC).

In addition there are research groups based upon more temporary research programs or projects. Earlier research centers at DMS are the Institute of International Business (IIB) and the Center for Risk Research (CRR).
Read an extended version of the department's history (pdf)