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Ongoing PhD-projects

The Accounting Department has a number of PhD-students. Below is brief description of their ongoing research projects.

Erik Alenius’ PhD project is about open book accounting and performance of activities in supplier networks. Erik performs a case study within the food retail business and looks specifically on how calculations on meat products in focal supplier relations affects performance of activities in the network of meat suppliers.

Noor Alshamma is conducting research on accounting-based equity valuation and stock market pricing, market efficiency, and stock market bubbles and crashes.

Emilia Cederberg’s PhD project is a study of the practice of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) analysis in capital markets. In the project, Emilia explores how ESG data and technologies are involved in investment analysis and valuation and how the practical, day-to-day work of ESG analysts is organized, not least with respect to interaction with portfolio managers and financial analysts. She is interested in ESG as a particular form of knowledge production, where the ability to make robust predictions in both the short and long term seems to play an important role.

Ting Dong is a 5th year PhD student at The Department of Accounting. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Economics. Her current research focuses on Auditing and Corporate Governance, especially in the Swedish setting. Ting is also interested in Sustainability issues. 

Kai Krauss engages in studies around performance management in entrepreneurial settings and mega projects. He is involved in research collaborations within one of the biggest Pan-European innovation networks and the Swedish Olympic Committee

Lars Lund investigates the interplays between financial accounting practices and management accounting practices in the definition and enactment of organizational performance. Lars interests are particularly targeted towards how the increased focus on IFRS standards within financial accounting has affected management accounting practices in large Scandinavian companies. Before pursuing his doctoral studies, Lars acquired over thirty years of experience from working in Swedish industrial companies

Malin Lund investigates in her Ph.D project management accounting practices in the public sector services. More specifically she is interested in the use of performance measures of various kinds, especially in public sector areas which have implemented market-oriented solutions, such as the freedom of choice in the educational field.

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