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Ongoing PhD projects

The Accounting Department has a number of PhD students. Below is brief description of their ongoing research projects.

PhD students (Year 4-5)

Erik Alenius’ PhD project is about open book accounting and performance of activities in supplier networks. Erik performs a case study within the food retail business and looks specifically on how calculations on meat products in focal supplier relations affects performance of activities in the network of meat suppliers.

Anastasiya Klyuchko examines management controls and performance in the public sector. Specifically, her research is about how different management controls are used in the public sector to achieve diverse goals.

Malin Lund investigates in her Ph.D project management accounting practices in the public sector services. More specifically she is interested in the use of performance measures of various kinds, especially in public sector areas which have implemented market-oriented solutions, such as the freedom of choice in the educational field.

Noor Alshamma is conducting research on accounting-based equity valuation and stock market pricing, market efficiency, and stock market bubbles and crashes.

Zeping Pan is conducting research on financial accounting, with a focus on the accounting challenges and the reporting quality in the extractive industry. His current project analyses and discusses the accounting quality under IFRS 6 in the international setting.

Jamil Al-Najjar conducts quantitative research in financial accounting. His current project focuses on the accounting choice of private firms facing a shift in regulation in Sweden. Jamil has broad interests in topics of earnings management, accounting manipulation, disclosures, regulation, and corporate governance.

Oliver Lindqvist Parbratt's current work concerns accounting and digitalisation in public management. In addition, he investigates how relevant accounting literature can be developed by utilising sports empirics. 

Yiwen Lu is currently researching on social and environmental accounting practices, particularly on sustainable supply chain governance in developing countries. She is also interested in interdisciplinary topics on sustainability reporting and organizational studies.

PhD students (Year 3)

Isabella Nordlund explores the role(s) of accountants and financial communication within the public sector. Currently, her research project focus on the process of construction of the role(s) and identity of CFOs within the public sector and how they may enact these.

Fanny Almersson's research interest lies in management accounting with a particular focus on hybrid organizations. Her current research project is focusing on accounting and identity in a Swedish football organization. 

Yao Cai's research interest lies in management accounting and especially, role identity, sensemaking, learning process and interaction among organization members in performance management practices. Her current research project is focusing on social impact reporting in fundraising organizations.

Anders Biörklund's  research interest and current research project lies in management accounting and looks into corporate restructuring and divestment initiatives in public companies. Additionally, he is interested in topics concerning valuation and ESG.