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Current PhD students

FIRE PhD students and their research areas.

Almersson, Fanny (fanny.almersson@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Fanny conducts research with a focus on management accounting. Current research project is focusing on the role of accounting in shaping organizational identity using empirical cases of sports organizations.

Al Najjar, Jamil (jamil.alnajjar@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Jamil conducts quantitative research in financial accounting. His current project focuses on the accounting choice of private firms facing a shift in regulation in Sweden.

Alshamma, Noor (noor.alshamma@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Accounting based equity valuation, stock market efficiency testing, and investor behavior

Biörklund, Anders (anders.biorklund@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Anders conducts qualitative research in management accounting. Current research projects focus on how accounting and categorization practices influence demergers.

Brogeby, Marcus (marcus.brogeby@hb.se)

Marcus’ research focuses on the construction of accounting numbers. His thesis is a case study of what actors effect sustainability reporting in a large Swedish organization. Using an infrastructure framework he shows how sustainability reporting is linked to the underlying events and how the existing reporting infrastructure shapes what accounting is possible.

Brus, Malin (malin.brus@handels.gu.se)

Malin’s research interests are related to changing practices in the accounting profession, particularly how digitalization affects how accounting competencies develop within the profession.

Bäärnhielm, Ulrika (ulrika.baarnhielm@mdu.se)

Cai, Yao (yao.cai@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Yao’s research interest lies in management accounting and especially performance management practices. She is currently conducting qualitative research on measuring, managing, and reporting social impact in fundraising organizations

Elkadi, Heba (heba.elkadi@mdu.se)

Heba´s  research interests are related to digitalization of accounting and auditing, in particular, the futuristic impact of digitalization on the accounting and auditing practices.

Emsfors, Jennifer (jennifer.emsfors@hkr.se)

Eriksson, Jan-Olof (jan-olof.eriksson@handels.gu.se)

Hellmalm, Paola (paola.hellmalm@sbs.su.se)

Paola’s research interest lies in the relationship between start-up companies and venture capital firms, particularly concerning how their motivations, characteristics, and interactions affect the valuation of a start-up.

Hellqvist, Sofia (sofia.hellqvist@ltu.se)

Performance management in healthcare settings with a specific focus on patient-centered professions

Hu, Haojun(haojun.hu@fek.uu.se)

Haojun conducts research on accounting and finance. Her current research project focuses on fund management and expertise.

Johannesson, Huni (huni.johannesson@gu.se)

Karlsson, Malin(malin.karlsson@se.ey.com)

Malin´s research interest regards connectivity questions within financial statements, i.e. the connection between sustainability reporting (especially climate change) and financial reporting, in the light of IASB’s ongoing project “Climate-related risks in the financial statements”.

Karlsson, Per (per.karlsson@kau.se)

Per conducts research in the context of auditing and fair value accounting. He is currently interested in trust and how trust impacts the audit judgment of fair value estimates

Kastrup Tim(tim.kastrup@fek.uu.se)

Tim’s research lies at the intersection of accounting, data analytics, and judgment and decision making. Empirically, he focuses on financial due diligence within mergers and acquisitions

Klyuchko, Anastasiya (Anastasiya.Klyuchko@hhs.se)

Anastasiya conducts research on management controls and performance within the public sector. Specifically, her research is about how management controls are used to achieve the desired performance within the public sector.

Lajevardi, Rozita (rozita.lajevardi@gu.se)

My name is Rozita Lajevardi. My bachelor's degree is in Social Science, and I graduated in International Accounting in a master's degree at the University of Turin. My research title in my Ph.D. is "The Role of Funding and Remuneration on Good and Efficient Healthcare". I work with Sahlgrenska Hospital and the budgetary control system, and new public management are central of my research.

Lindqvist Parbratt, Oliver (oliver.lindqvistparbratt@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Currently, Oliver is on the one hand working on a concrete project on accounting and digitalisation in public management, and on the other on how relevant accounting literature can be developed by utilising sports empirics.

Lu, Yiwen (yiwen.lu@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Yiwen is currently researching on social and environmental accounting practices, particularly on sustainable supply chain governance in developing countries. She is also interested in interdisciplinary topics on sustainability reporting and organizational studies. 

Leppänen, Caroline (caroline.leppanen@spa.gu.se)

Lars is an empirical field researcher and has a long experience as a practitioner in the role of, for example, Certified Accountant,  Controller, CFO, Financial analyst, and Head of Treasury. His dissertation project focuses on the interplay between financial and management accounting. 

Maine, Joshua (Joshua.maine@ju.se)

Joshua´s research interests focus on control, strategy and performance in the context of Swedish municipal corporations

Meltzer, Isabell (isabell.meltzer@spa.gu.se)

Isabell's research primarily centers around the field of accounting and control within inter-organizational relationships in the public sector. Her thesis is founded upon a comprehensive longitudinal qualitative study that explores the co-production of public services within Swedish municipalities.

Monazzam, Aynaz (aynaz.monazzam@fek.uu.se )

The research project that Aynaz is working within is: Integrated Reporting and Control: Bridging Technical, Organizational and Behavioral Domains”. Her project is related to the following research areas: Strategic Control Management and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Nordlund, Isabella (isabella.nordlund@phdstudent.hhs.se)

Isabella conducts research on the role(s) of accountants and financial communication within the public sector. Currently, her research project focus on the process of construction of the role(s) and identity of CFOs within the public sector and how they may enact these.

Olofsson, Emma (emma.olofsson@gu.se)

Plesner, Åsa Plesner (asa.plesner@sbs.su.se)

Åsa researches how management accounting intersects with employees' working life experiences. She investigates the links between productivity demands, workloads, employee health, and professional autonomy in the public sector.

Rahi, Fazle (fazle.rahi@hh.se)

ABM Fazle Rahi is a Doctoral candidate in Innovation Sciences at the University of Halmstad in collaboration with the University of Gävle. His research area covers both financial and management accounting, where the main focus is on the circular economy, sustainability, and management control system.

Rahmatdi, Rahmatdi (rahmatdi.rahmatdi@gu.se)

Rahmatdi´s research interest is within corporate anti-corruption initiatives and whistleblowing system. He examines the role of audit committees, employees, and external auditors/assurances.

Rasaei, Janet (janet.rasaei@kau.se)

The involvement and contribution of inter-organizational management accounting and control systems to companies engaged in offshoring and reshoring.

Robitschko, Simone (simone.robitschko@fek.uu.se)

Simone currently conducts research on decision-making under uncertainty, judgment, and (intuitive) expertise. Empirically, the setting for this research is the fund industry.

Sandgren, Mattias (mattias.sandgren@ju.se)

Areas of research are accounting and ownership. Mattias specifically focus on accounting change, accounting choice, disclosure strategies and reporting in a family firm context.

Shahid, Hira (hira.shahid@hh.se)

Hira´s research focuses on sustainability reporting of large companies and intends to discuss the possible sustainability legislations to report the sustainability activities by listed/unlisted Swedish companies.

Currently, she is working on Lunbergföretagen AB/ Lundbergsstiftelserna funded project for sustainability reporting of listed real estate companies in Stockholm stock exchange.

Soheili, Amin (amin.soheili@ju.se)

Swara, Christopher (christopher.swara@sbs.su.se)

Christopher’s thesis aims to investigate how accountants address the value of a good society, including issues of inequality and justice, when designing accounting techniques. His project considers how and what people do with accounting to achieve a good society.

Taraj, Imelda (imelda.taraj@gu.se)

Imelda´s research interest lies within Capital Market research in Accounting and more specifically, she studies how information content of narrative accounting disclosures impacts capital markets. She uses Natural Language Processing tools to measure characteristics of information content.’

Villaume Silberstein, Anna (anna.villaume-silberstein@sbs.su.se)

Widegren, Andreas (andreas.widegren@fek.uu.se)

Xiang, Yu (yu.xiang@sbs.su.se)

Yang, Qishen (qishen.yang@fek.uu.se)

Ödén, Desirée (desiree.oden@sbs.su.se)

Desirée uses a Critical Theory perspective to analyse how the managing and measuring of performance affects and dominates individuals in organisational settings. Her specific focus is a critical analysis of neoliberal market ideals that affect the relation between the individual and the state.