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Domestic violence legislation - Awareness and support in Latvia, Russia and Ukraine

10 June 2022
SITE and FREE Network researchers investigate the factors that correlate with awareness and support for domestic violence legislation in Latvia, Russia and Ukraine, three countries that introduced recent reforms. The working paper is based on a cross-country survey on perceptions and prevalence of domestic and gender-based violence conducted within the FROGEE project.

2.6MSEK awarded to House of Innovation researchers

09 June 2022
House of Innovation researchers get 2.6MSEK funding from Lundberg Foundation to investigate "Governance in Venture Capital-Backed Tech Start-Ups"

A new Vinnova grant awarded to Misum researchers to study the monetization of sustainability

09 June 2022
Misum researchers Emma Sjöström, Hanna Setterberg and Rachelle Belinga have been granted 1.5M SEK funding for the two-year project “Monetizing sustainability”. The grant is offered by Vinnova as part of the call "Research on financial markets 2022-2024".

Economic and social context of domestic violence: Research shared at the 2022 FROGEE conference

07 June 2022
This brief summarizes the research papers presented at the 2022 FROGEE conference “Economic and Social Context of Domestic Violence”, which took place on May 11, 2022. It was organized by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) together with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA) and the FREE Network.

New SSE dissertation by Oliver Engist

03 June 2022
Oliver Engist - Microeconometric Applications in Corporate Finance and Sports

Stockholm +50 Report Published: Economy and Finance for a Just Future on a Thriving Planet

02 June 2022
Fifty years have passed since the historic Stockholm conference in 1972, the first ever United Nations conference on the human environment. The world is a very different place today.

Artificial intelligence both substitutes and complements human capabilities

01 June 2022
The best possible future for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the workplace sees AI- related skills like data science being paired with quintessential human skills such as creativity, empathy, and interpersonal communication. This according to a new study from the Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School, and the University of Geneva.

Då är vår sociala medier-intelligens som lägst

01 June 2022
Efter klockan 21 är risken 25 procent högre att du missförstår andras inlägg eller själv gör inlägg du ångrar på sociala medier. En veckodag är också särskilt riskabel. Det menar Micael Dahlen i serien "Livet i siffror” i SvD.

Anslag till Per Andersson

01 June 2022
Marianne och Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse har beviljat 1.000.000 kr som bidrag för anställning av Alona Natorina, affiliated researcher från Ukraina.

SSE Corporate Partner Pfizer collaborates through Executive Trainee Module

01 June 2022
Through SSE’s Executive Trainee Module, students are offered work experience and participating companies are offered fresh perspectives and competence. Henrik Rommedahl, Sales Manager at Pfizer, discusses the benefits for a company to participate, such as new perspectives, diversity, and a positive atmosphere.