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The Cabinet Room: A 2.0 classroom

Last week we inaugurated the brand new classroom The Cabinet Room here at Stockholm School of Economics. Experience it via the virtual tour/seminar (below).

The Cabinet Room is a classroom full of contemporary art, placed in curiosity cabinets in-between compartments (nests) made for students to sit in. The room still seats 41 students, and is a classroom upgraded to increase the quality of our learning environments.

The tour features President Lars Strannegård, Facilities Director Karin Elg, art specialist Emily Norton and Art Initiative. The artists Hanna Ljungh and Bella Rune are also present in this zoominar.

The room was made possible thanks to a generous donation by SSE alumi Staffan Olsson.

Artists represented in The Cabinet Room are:
Bella Rune, Dan Wolgers, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Hanna Ljungh, Linda Bäckström, Matthias van Arkel, Samson Kambalu and Sara-Vide Ericson.

For more information contact Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe, tinni.rappe@hhs.se, 0708-36 66 41

Virtual tour and inauguration of The Cabinet Room

Art Initiative