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Art and Poetry @ SSE Art Initiative

A lecture about the marketing of contemporary poetry

Art Talk with poets Hanna Stjernfeldt och Ludvig Köhler, founders of Podpoesi.nu

Join us for an Art Talk with Podpoesi, who has curated the spring poetry program in the SSE Atrium. Learn more about the ideas and trends of Swedish contemporary poetry and how Hanna Stjernfeldt and Ludvig Köhler has found a new space for contemporary, avant-garde poetry on the internet. Now they offer business students poetry and would love to discuss more about its possible roles in a school engaged in communication and marketing. 

Poetry and marketing sound like to opposites, but how can these separate worlds meet and what positive effects can be gained from this relationship? Poetry has long been regarded as being odd, difficult to access, lacking funding, angry and marginal. This lecture will focus on the poet’s place in the cultural market today.

Make sure you also listen to the new audio installation featuring a podpoesi.nu-selection of contemporary Swedish poetry. All read by authors themselves. So welcome to connect your phones to the Podpoesi streaming channel available in the Atrium and enjoy how Swedish poets push language beyond instrumental slick storytelling and clever rationalizing logic. Taste the odd powers of words set free!  

The Podpoesi streaming opens with works by Gordana Spasic, Johanna Frid, Göran Sonnevi and Emil Boss. The poems emerge out of today’s messy reality-turmoil of intertwined themes as; capitalism, organization, ritual, language, intimacy, death and society. Treat yourself to a tiny brake from your work and sample some poetry for a minute or two; follow different paths and unexpected linguistic rhythms into secret parts of everyday realities! 

The Poetry can be listened to on any Android or iOS device, using the following instructions:

In order to listen to the sound, you need a smartphone and a pair of headphones

1. Download the app “ListenWiFi Personal Listening” from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone

2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network "Personal Listening 5GHz"

3. Select the track “Pod “Poetry” and listen with your headphones

For more information, please contact Robert Stasinski, Communications Manager and Editor at robert.stasinski@hhs.se or 070-783

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