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Banca rotta

Unveiling the permanent sculpture Banca Rotta (Switzerland, 17th Century, oak) by artist duo Goldin + Senneby in the SSE library with a following presentation by professor Örjan Sjöberg

Photograph by Joel Werner

The unveiling of the permanent sculpture Banca Rotta (Switzerland, 17th Century, oak) by artist duo Goldin + Senneby in the SSE library is followed by a short introduction by professor Örjan Sjöberg. This new acquisition is made possible by a generous donation by Helena Saxon, SSE alumna, who will equally honor the inauguration by her presence.

Goldin + Senneby have previously showed works connected to economic transactions and financial systems at SSE. Adding Banca Rotta to the permanent collection SSE Art Initiative further strengthens the bridge between art and business understanding. This antique money-changer´s table, sawed in half, is an economic memento mori of the dark side of business; failure and bankruptcy.  

Goldin+Senneby has over the past ten years explored virtual worlds, offshore companies, withdrawal strategies, and subversive speculation in their work. In a unique and subtle way, they combine artistic practice, financial theory, and performative methods.

Örjan Sjöberg holds the chair in economic geography at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and has a background in human geography, economics and area studies. I

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