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Your impact

Your commitment to SSE as alumni and friends is invaluable in maintaining the School’s position as a leader in business education.

Learn more about our donors and students

SSE has created a community of giving, both from our alumni and our students. Our alumni and faculty are generously supporting the work and research being done at SSE and our Students are continuing our history of excellence. Here are a few words from some of our donors on what has inspired them to give. In addition, you can read about the impact that receiving a scholarship has directly from our international students.

What our supporters say

I received a lot from SSE and it gives me great pleasure to give back by supporting the next generation of SSE students.
Unni Trolle
SSE alum and supporter

"SSE has supported me tremendously as a student and when I took my first steps as an entrepreneur. It was important for me to start giving something in return."

Fitz Rabeler, SSE alum and supporter

I think it is important that alumni give back to SSE - if you look at SSE on a more global scale, we are competing with other top schools out there, and a lot of them are financed not only by the state but actually by alumni and companies
Niklas Adalberth
SSE alum and supporter

What our students say

"I thought I would learn more about innovation at SSE, but it has completely flipped everything I have learned upside down in a good way!"
Chris Kuo

"Staying in the U.S. as an American would have been a safe and comfortable route to business education, but I am getting so much more out of my SSE education. My scholarship from AFSSE is what allowed me to pursue this path and I am very grateful for that support."

A win for all! Simbisai Mandizvidza explains how scholarships allow students to really engage without any financial stress, and how in turn the school is enriched through such diversity!
Simbisai Mandizvidza

"I think scholarship opportunities are very important for non-EU students when it comes to deciding where to study. The benefit for the students is the chance to engage in student life at a great school without putting financial burden on family and stress on themselves.

The benefit for the school is having a diverse campus enriched by different backgrounds, views and aspirations. In addition, the school's alumni network will span beyond Western nations and who knows, maybe future captains of industry, ministers and entrepreneurs from Asia and Africa will say they are successful because of their SSE roots!"