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Mission and vision

The activities of the Stockholm School of Economics rest upon a clear mission and vision.


Strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness through research and science- based education.


A world-class international business school based in Sweden.

Values and educational mission: FREE

SSE works to help its graduates acquire the attributes represented in the acronym FREE. This begins by attract faculty, professional staff, and students who approach the world with curiosity and confidence. It continues by embracing these attributes as core values.

Fact and science based mindset

We are fundamentally a scientific institution, and facts are the basis for all critical
and analytical thinking. A foundation in facts help thinkers to differentiate types of knowledge, an ability that becomes particularly important in a erratic world in constant change.

Reflective and self aware

The future will require more reflection and self-knowledge. Individuals trained at SSE will be able to contemplate what role they play in the world, understand the impact they have on others, evaluate their personal preferences, and be aware of how their choices are determined.

Empathetic and culturally literate

Empathy and cultural sensitivity are attributes that artificial intelligence cannot replicate today. We are convinced that an empathetic person becomes a better decision maker, co-worker, or researcher. The future will demand that decisionmakers can interact successfully regardless of their background, expertise, or profession.

Entrepreneurial and responsible

SSE graduates from will have an entrepreneurial and creative approach to the world. They will challenge the status quo and work to create change responsibly. At SSE, we that challenging and working in this way is a path to improvement for society and the world at large.