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SSE at the forefront in research on entrepreneurship

The Stockholm School of Economics produced the highest number of doctoral theses in entrepreneurship in Sweden in 2023. Eight out of the 54 produced in the country, came from SSE's House of Innovation.

Out of the 54 doctoral theses defended in Sweden in 2023, across various institutions, 8 were from the Stockholm School of Economics, a review by Esbri shows. This impressive number underscores the institution's commitment to cutting-edge research in innovation, digitization, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship.

“We are delighted to be able to celebrate this achievement, which is a result of the creation of the House of Innovation back in 2018," says Professor Magnus Mähring, Director of the House of Innovation and Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at SSE. “This would not have been possible without the support of our funders, and the fruitful collaborations we enjoy with our research and industry networks.”

A defining feature of this year's success is the unprecedented involvement of female researchers. Among the 54 theses nation-wide, 33 were penned by women, with five coming from SSE. This growing gender diversity in entrepreneurship research helps add novel and important perspectives to the field.

The insights from these doctoral theses range from how entrepreneurial teams work, how failure can generate new innovations, and the role of place in entrepreneurship, to how AI drives innovation in the workplace and how digital and physical innovation processes can be aligned. The remarkable output from the House of Innovation can be attributed to strategic foresight and sustained investment in entrepreneurship and innovation research. 

House of innovation (HOI) was inaugurated in 2018 and has developed into one of the top research environments in Europe in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and digitalization and AI. Through HOI, SSE strengthens its graduates’ abilities to drive positive change in a digital world, and deepens its relationship with and contribution to the Swedish innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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