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Almedalen week 2022

After two year’s pandemic hiatus, Almedalen week has returned to Visby. SSE will bring its vision and research to this important platform for democratic discussion, innovation and networking.

Almedalen week has branded itself as “a democratic meeting place for everyone”. Since 1968, the medieval city of Visby on the island of Gotland has played host to some form of political discussion every summer. The festival has grown to become one of the most important places for organizations, businesses and state institutions to network and discuss important issues of the day.

As an institution at the intersection between academia, the business community and society, SSE can contribute with expertise, ideas and innovative thinking. While we are not organizing any events of our own, a few of our co-workers will represent SSE during Almedalen week.

Vilken form och funktion får den hybrida arbetsplatsen, kontoret 4.0?Date: July 4
Time: 13.00–13.45
Location: Cramérgatan, H319, across from the entrance to the Almedalen library Almedalsbiblioteket
Organizer: Herr Omar, Sustain Change, Office Management
Participants: Lena Lid Falkman, researcher, Stockholm School of Economics and Karlstad University, Thomas Floberg, Vice President, marknads- och operativchef, Microsoft Sverige, Peter Uddfors, President, Office Management

Fit for the future. Är offentlig upphandling nyckeln till ett mer hållbart och cirkulärt samhälle?
July 4
Time: 14.20–14.55
Organizer: Mistra
Location: S:t Hansgatan 11, Gamla riksbanken
Participants: Margo Enthoven, Affiliated Researcher at Misum and Postdoc Fellow at House of Innovation, Mattias Lindahl, Professor, Mistra REES and Linköping university, board member, Sveriges Offentliga Inköpare (SOI)

Bildning som salt och styrka – universitetet som meningsskapare i vår tid
July 6
Time: 9.00–9.45
Location: Hästgatan 13, Kunskapstriangeln
Participants: Lars Strannegård, President at SSE, Erik Renström, president, Lund University, Alexander Maurits, Centrum för Teologi och Religion, Lund University, Lovisa Nyman, Johan Östling

Borde ekonomer studera filosofi och litteratur?
July 6
Time: 14.30–14.45
Location: Hamnplan, H231
Organizer: Humtank
Participants: Lars Strannegård, President of the Stockholm School of Economics, and Lovisa Brännstedt, coordinator at Humtank.