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SSE Master Program ranked among the best in the world

The Stockholm School of Economics’ Master in International Business ranks seven in the world, according to the latest Financial Times Master in Management ranking. “Ranking in the top ten is a huge milestone for SSE. We’re incredibly proud,” says President Lars Strannegård.

SSE makes the jump from number 13 to number 7 in the 2020 Financial Times (FT) Master in Management ranking published today. This year’s ranking included 90 business schools from all over the world.

“This is spectacular news and a stamp of approval for all the hard work carried out by staff and faculty to truly make this a world-class program. But it also shows recognition of our alumni, who have parlayed their education into successful careers. We hope to see many more future students make that same transition,” says Lars Strannegård, President of SSE.

The reasons behind the strong improvement in the ranking include progress in some key areas, such as career progress and career services. Over the past years, the program has developed, Assistant Professor and Program Director Ciara Sutton explains. One vital factor is maintaining a close relationship with alumni and corporate partners, helping staff and faculty better understand what qualities employers are looking for in recruits. This has played an important role in the selection process for program applicants.

Well-matched and international

“We’ve come to focus a lot on the soft side of the recruits, not just their outstanding formal qualifications. We look for flexible, open-minded and compassionate people, who understand their future role as leaders. We nurture those qualities, encourage personal development and challenge their ambitions and values. Their success after finishing the program is proof that we are matching well with what companies today are looking for. This is essentially a program about good people,” says Ciara Sutton.

Students have benefitted from the increasingly knowledge-intensive environment that springs from more aspects of the humanities being introduced at SSE, including the arts and literature. The program has also become increasingly international, which is another important factor in its success, Sutton adds. Faculty and staff work to foster a positive dynamic among these highly talented individuals, maximizing their chances of learning from each other as well as from faculty.

“Not only has the student body become more international – the content of the program has as well. And there are ample opportunities for students to travel abroad for exchanges and projects, increasing their international exposure,” says Ciara Sutton.

Internationalization is at the heart of SSE’s long-term strategy to establish itself as a member of the top tier business schools and to be recognized as a global benchmark for industry collaboration and for thought leadership in selected knowledge fields.​ This not only contributes to the School’s own objectives but strengthens Sweden’s competitiveness in the global arena.


For more information, please contact:


Lars Strannegård

President of SSE

Phone: 070-811 75 73

Email: lars.strannegard@hhs.se


Ciara Sutton

Program Director

Phone: 070-552 42 67

Email: ciara.sutton@hhs.se