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Håkan Lyckeborg presented with life-time award after 50 years of teaching

Long-time SSE lecturer Håkan Lyckeborg received a Special Lifetime award for outstanding pedagogical achievements. He has been a lecturer at SSE since 1974.

​​​​Håkan Lyckeborg has served as a lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics since 1974. Over these years, he has distinguished himself as a Course Director for numerous courses in statistics, mathematics, and econometrics. He has also guided hundreds of students through their thesis work.

His enduring commitment to education has elevated him to an almost legendary status among students, evidenced by him being honored as teacher of the year three times — a testament to his exceptional and unmatched contribution to teaching.

Lyckeborg's passion and dedication to teaching mathematics and statistics at the school have been clear. His exceptional pedagogical talent shines through in his ability to make complex material understandable, always approaching problem-solving from the students' perspective to significantly enhance their learning experience.

Håkan will continue teaching mathematics during summer for students as well as being a teacher during autumn.

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