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What motivates whistleblowers to come forward with information?

Wall Street Journal mentions SITE researcher Giancarlo Spagnolo's research study on "Motivating Whistleblowers". A study that shines light into what motivates people to come forward with information about wrongdoing.

In a recent article by Wall Street Journal, they discuss about the European Union different approach to whistleblowing protection directive compared to the U.S successful whistleblower rewards program.

European authorities are seeking to set up a minimum standard for whistleblower rules across EU member states, but they don’t favor paying for tips—a key part of an SEC program widely seen as a success
Mengqi Sun, Wall Street Journal

In contradiction, the Wall Street Journal refers to a 2019 study by SITE researcher Giancarlo Spagnolo, co-authored by Jeffrey Butler (University of California Merced) and Danila Serra (Texas A&M University), showing that paying whistleblowers does not compromise their motivation to do the right thing.

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