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Milestones in economic research and institution building | SITE’s 35th Anniversary

19 June 2024
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) celebrates 35 years of pioneering economic research, institution building and policy analysis.

Navigating market exits: Companies’ responses to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

22 May 2024
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, led to global condemnation and sanctions. International companies were pressured to exit Russia. This policy brief examines which companies left, using data from the LeaveRussia project, and focuses on Swedish businesses that announced withdrawal but were still found in Russia. It also analyzes how these revelations affected their stock prices and investor reactions.

Would electing more women make the U.S. Congress less polarized?

16 May 2024
This policy brief examines the belief that electing more women to the U.S. Congress would reduce partisan gridlocks. It shows that while Republican women historically cooperated more with Democrats, this was due to ideological proximity rather than gender. Among Democrats, women cooperate less with the opposite party than men. Furthermore, recent years have seen a narrowing of ideological differences along gender-lines among Republicans, reducing gender-based cooperation disparities.

Navigating environmental policy consistency amidst political change

15 May 2024
Europe, like other parts of the world, currently grapples with the dual challenges of environmental change and democratic backsliding. In a context marked by rising populism, misinformation, and political manipulation, designing credible sustainable climate policies is more important than ever. The 2024 annual Energy Talk, organized by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), gathered experts to bring insight into these challenges and explore potential solutions for enhancing green politics.

New chapters by Anders Åslund and Torbjörn Becker focus on Ukraine’s and Russia’s connections to the EU

07 May 2024
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) is proud to highlight two significant contributions by Torbjörn Becker, Director of SITE, and Anders Åslund, the founding director of SITE, to the newly released book, "The Borders of the European Union in a Conflictual World".

Shaping the future together: Stockholm summit on rebuilding war-torn Ukrainian municipalities

22 April 2024
Join Stockholm University and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 29 of April, 2024, for a conference on "Rethinking Cities In Ukraine". Active participation from front-line municipalities and discussions with Swedish and international partners about current and future needs for reconstruction.

Nuclear renaissance: Powering Sweden’s climate policy

17 April 2024
Sweden's government aims to build new nuclear reactors by 2045 to achieve net zero emissions. This policy brief, written by Julius Andersson (SITE), compares this plan to France's successful 1970s nuclear expansion but notes significant differences: Sweden's existing low-carbon energy, cheaper alternatives, and higher nuclear costs today suggest that the benefits of new reactors may be modest and costly.

Sanctions on Russia: Getting the facts right

18 March 2024
Sanctions play a crucial role in curbing Russia's ambitions & ending the war on Ukraine, yet their strategic importance is often overlooked. In this policy brief, experts from SITE, KSE, SSE Riga, CREA, Uppsala University and Beijer Institute sheds light on sanctions' complexities against Russia's aggression.

New study reveals impact of media coverage on behavior during Covid-19 in Sweden

28 February 2024
In their paper, recently accepted at Health Economics, researchers Marcel Garz from Jönköping University and Maiting Zhuang from the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), shed light on the influence of media coverage on individual behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden.

Trending? Social media attention on Russia’s war in Ukraine

20 February 2024
As Russia's invasion of Ukraine unfolds, global interest peaks. This brief, by SITE researchers Maria Perrotta Berlin and Jonathan Lehne, examines X (formerly Twitter) trends in 62 nations, shedding light on public engagement amidst geopolitical upheaval. Insights into when and why the conflict captures international attention are explored, offering nuanced understanding of global consciousness dynamics.
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