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Price at Coop

Coop's Retail Club had a workshop about Price Perception.

The afternoon at Coop HQ begun with a presentation about pricing at Coop held by Nina Salih, Dilena Tran, and Agnes Gemvik - all Pricing Analysts at Coop Sverige. Some topics were Coop's Pricing Model, their Rule Library and how they use a price optimizing software to process all the data.

The students were then asked to come up with proposals on how Coop can be perceived as more affordable. Some of the suggestions presented by the students were more promotions, loss leader products, and to communicate how much a recipe costs per meal.

Huge thanks to Nina, Dilena and Agnes for the insights on what's behind the prices we see in store, and thanks to Pernilla Brandt, our company representative, for organizing and hosting the activity.

Jennie Gustafsson, Key Account Manager, Coop Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club