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Customer Centricity & Merchandising at H&M

The H&M Retail Club had a workshop on omnichannel inventory optimization and commercial planning at the H&M Head Office in Stockholm city.

Elin Johansson, Regional Merchandise Manager, and Stella Brandting, Regional Merchandise Manager E-Com, held a presentation about what working as a merchandiser at H&M can look like. The presentation included discussions about how regions are managed, what KPIs that are essential, and what an “omni”-experience means.

The students then got the chance to step into the role of merchandisers and come up with their own commercial plans and inventory optimization solutions. Some of the suggestions presented by students included moving items between platforms based on KPIs such as spin, sales, and inventory level. Spring Commercial Plans presented also showcased campaigns such as “Selfcare” and “Picnic at the Beach” where focus was on advertising a full range of offers from the H&M brand in one campaign.

Thank you, Elin and Stella, for an inspiring workshop!

Henrik Hultqvist, Key Account Manager, H&M Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club