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Workshop with ICA Banken on user-friendly banking services

ICA Retail Club had a workshop on how ICA Banken could maintain its existing customer base and as well attract new customers to use the ICA card for payments.

The workshop was held by Andreas Carlberg, Head of bank services at ICA Banken. Andreas provided the students with information about ICA Banken and its work with providing a growing range of user-friendly banking services as well as establishing synergetic connections with other aspects of the ICA organization.

The students were then asked to think of ways of how ICA Banken (in collaboration with other parts of ICA) could maintain its existing customer base, as well as attract new customers to use the ICA card for payments. The groups were additionally tasked to emphasize their suggestions for individuals aged 18-35. Finally the groups had to rank their solutions, from highest to lowest, based on overall value-for-money spent for each solution.

Some of the suggestions presented, were for the ICA Banken to simplify the transfer of money to the ICA card through the use of apps such as “Swish”. Other suggestions also included a “Cashback” offering with the ICA card, as well as a redesign of the ICA card, while also adding a tier set based on the number of points that the customers have accumulated.

Vasileios Dimopoulos, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club.

CFR Retail Retail Club

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