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COVID-19: navigating sustainability risks in the pandemic

As part of 'Sweden through the crisis', the newly released Covid-19 report from the Stockholm School of Economics, a transdisciplinary team of Misum researchers has explored previous health crises in order to identify sustainability pathways for industry and development policymakers dealing with socio-economic fallout.

The Misum article, Sustainability, Covid-19 and keeping focused on the longer term explores the negative consequences of social distancing, lockdowns of economies and related governmental responses to the health crisis. It argues that a more holistic picture must be kept in mind when navigating out of the crisis.

The authors emphasize two main ways through which Covid-19 poses challenges to the development of more sustainable markets. The first channel is centered around the amplification of social inequalities while the second focuses on detrimental effects on strategic, long-term investments into sustainability by firms and governments. This short article assesses the impact of Covid-19 on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and discusses the likely long-term consequences, offering examples of controls that can help withstand the worst impacts.


The article was written by the following Misum affiliated researchers. 

  • Martina Björkman Nyqvist is Executive Director of Misum and Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). 
  • Pamela Campa is Assistant Professor of Economics at Stockholm Institute of Transitional Economies (SITE). 
  • Emilia Cederberg is Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting at SSE. 
  • Tatiana Egorova is a PhD candidate at the House of Innovation at SSE. 
  • Michael Halling is Associate Professor at the Department of Finance and Swedish House of Finance at SSE. 
  • Sarah Jack is the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Professor of Innovative and Sustainable Business Development at the House of Innovation at SSE. 
  • Henrik Nilsson is Professor at the Department of Accounting at SSE. 
  • Mattias Nordqvist is Professor of Business Administration at the House of Innovation at SSE. 
  • Anders Olofsgård is Associate Professor at SITE. 
  • Maria Perrotta Berlin is Assistant Professor at SITE. 
  • Marek Reuter is Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting at SSE. 
  • Abhijeet Singh is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at SSE
  • Emma Sjöström is Research Fellow at the Department of Marketing and Strategy at SSE. 
  • Torkel Strömsten is Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting at SSE and Visiting Professor KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Published by Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden through the crisis is a comprehensive research-based report on economics, business and policy. It offers a solid academical perspective, independent from both politics and the corporate sector.

The report includes more than 40 articles by around 50 well-merited researchers – among them Tore Ellingsen, Professor of Economics, and Per Strömberg, Professor of Finance, both on the Committee for the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.


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