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Misum welcomes all new SSE students!

New student at SSE? Congratulations on the start of your exciting journey! The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at SSE (Misum) welcomes you to the fold. We look forward to engaging with you in your studies and following your progress during your time at SSE!

Misum is cross-disciplinary research center for sustainable markets at SSE. Our affiliates come from all seven departments of the school and we seek to provide leaders with profound and scientific knowledge for a better future. We teach across a range of courses in bachelor and master programs and coordinate the Global Challenges track in the BSc. Business and Economics.

How to engage with us

Via your courses: Many courses for bachelor and master students encourage proactivity and reflection with a strong focus on students developing their own projects. Affiliates are happy to provide you with guidance on topics related to sustainable markets research. You can visit the Misum Affiliates list here and find more information about our Global Challenges BSc. track here.

SASSE Sustainability Group and SSE Students for Climate Action

In 2019, the SASSE Sustainability Group (SSG) was created as an independent project within SASSE, with the ambition to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability issues among SASSE’s members, and to create initiatives and projects for social impact.

Misum closely works together with SSG, as well as with the SSE Students for Climate Action (SSCA), a collective with explicit environmental focus. SSCA was founded in 2018 as part of Climate Students Sweden, an independent inter-university network that lobbies for decisive action against climate chnage. Both student groups are looking forward to engage with you to drive sustainable development at SSE. You reach them vi the SASSE portal or per mail at sustainability@sasse.se and at board.ssca@gmail.com, respectively 

Visit our offices: SSE has worked hard to ensure a safe, socially distanced return to campus this Fall. The current situation makes it more challenging to meet in person. However you are welcome to visit our offices where we can pre-book small scale meetings for a few people. Make sure to drop us an e-mail beforehand so we book in a space and monitor numbers.

Sustainable Stockholm School of Economics (SSSE): Misum are driving members of SSSE, the Schools main sustainability working group. SSE strives to integrate sustainability in all its major operations, divided in the four pillars research, education, campus and outreach

If you have ideas that you would like to be explored by SSSE, drop us a line at misum@hhs.se We are always looking for different views and ideas on sustainability at the school and in general.

Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter on our homepage for news about our research, seminars, events and more. You can always email us at misum@hhs.se 


Research: Find out more about Misum research here.

Social media: Engage with us on social media or get in touch with us directly on Facebook or Twitter.