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What you need to know about global catastrophic risks in 2020

Launched at the SSE Global Challenges education track, the Global Challenges Foundation annual report on global catastrophic risks gathers insights and evidence from global thought leaders on the most pressing risks facing humanity today. In 2020, COVID-19 has amplified almost all of them.

In 2020, COVID-19 catapulted catastrophic risks and their governance into the global consciousness. The warning signs have been increasingly strong as humans disrupt biodiversity, come into close contact with virus-carrying creatures and travel intensively throughout the world.

The Global Challenges Foundation’s Annual Report aims to give an overview of all the greatest threats to humanity, to track developments in the issues, to highlight their interconnectedness and to explore how they are being managed at the global level. The essays illustrate, more than ever, the complex linkages between these global risks and how they can reinforce each other.

Download the report here

The Global Challenges courses at SSE are directed from Misum, the Mistra Center of Sustainable Markets and actively involve in teaching many departments at SSE. The sequence is facilitated by funding from the Global Challenges Foundation. Maria Perrotta Berlin is the program’s Development Director.

Jens Orback, Executive Director of Global Challenges Foundation, presents the report:


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