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Perrotta Berlin, Maria

Maria's main research interests are development and political economics, with a focus on gender issues and environmental policy. She earned her PhD from the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) at Stockholm University, and pursued her undergraduate studies at Bocconi University in Milan.

Academic Publications

Domestic violence legislation. Awareness and support in Latvia, Russia and Ukraine (with Pamela Campa, Maria Krumina, Elena Paltseva, Anna Pluta and Solomiya Shpak), Baltic Journal of Economics (forth.) 

Foreign Aid and Female Empowerment (with Evelina Bonnier and Anders Olofsgård), The Journal of Development Studies (2023)

Trading Favors? UN Security Council Membership and the Sub-National Allocation of Aid (with Raj Desai and Anders Olofsgård), The Review of International Organizations (2022)

Aid Effectiveness in Times of Political Change: Lessons from the Post- Communist Transition (with E. Frot and A. Olofsgård ),  World Development (2014)

The Impact of a Food For Education Program on Schooling in Cambodia (with M. Cheung),   Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies (2014)

PRME Nordic (with Guénola Abord-Hugon Nonet, Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan, Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen, Jan Hermes, Leena Lankoski, Sofia Lundberg, Sanchi Maheshwari,  Samuel Petro Sebhatu, Nikodemus Solitander and Mattias Sundemo), in ”The PRME Global Movement”, Routledge, 2022 

“Rising tensions. Covid-19 and violence in the home” in Sweden through the crisis, Martin Carlsson-Wall and Göran Lindqvist, Stockholm School of Economics (2021)

Working papers

Corruption and Asymmetric Sanctions: Theory and Evidence from China (with Martin Dufwenberg, Bei Qin and Giancarlo Spagnolo)

Economic determinants of violence in the home: the case of Sweden during Covid-19 (with Manne Gerell) SITE Working Paper N. 60 PAP

Selective attention and the importance of types for information campaigns (with Benjamin Mandl) PAP at AEA RCT Registry. December 2018  

Aid Effectiveness: New Instrument, New results? (with Emmanuel Frot). SITE Working Paper N. 11. 

Latest Policy Publications

Rysslands krig i Ukraina – ett geopolitiskt och makroekonomiskt perspektiv (with Torbjörn Becker,  Anders Olofsgård, and Jesper Roine), Ekonomisk Debatt 4/2023

Åter ur askan: det svenska och globala bidraget till Ukrainas återuppbyggnad (with Anders Olofsgård), EBA underlagsrapport, Mars 2023

Rebuilding Ukraine: The Gender Dimension of the Reconstruction Process, FROGEE Policy Paper, March 2023

The Bleak Economic Future of Russia (with Jesper Roine), FREE Policy Brief, October 2022

The effects of sanctions, FREE Policy Brief Series, March 10, 2022

The Nordic Model of Prostitution Legislation: Health, Violence and Spillover Effects, FREE Policy Brief Series, April 21, 2019

Intimate Partner Violence, Norms and Policies, FREE Policy Brief Series, March 5, 2017  

Fitness Check of the EU Legislation on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Impact Assessment - Country report: Sweden, ICF, London

Evaluation der Krisenbewältigung Covid-19 bis Sommer 2021, with Andreas Balthasar , Stefan Essig, Thomas von Stokar, Anna Vettori, Andrea von Dach, Judith Trageser , Philipp Trein, Sara Rubinelli , Christoph Zenger, and Günter Weiss, Interface, Luzern

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