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SITE provides an environment where research meets policy, and you are invited!

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We are a leading European research institute with a perticular focus on emerging markets and development.

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  • SITE Brown Bag Seminar


    TBA. Stephan Meier, Columbia University

  • SITE Brown Bag Seminar


    TBA. Martin Kantz, World Bank

  • SITE Brown Bag Seminar


    TBA. Sandra Sequeira, London School of Economics

Policy Events

  • CANCELLED! EU Integration of the Western Balkans: The Road towards Sustainable Peace and Development


    The seminar with Dr. Fatmir Besimi, Deputy Prime Minsiter of the Republic of Macedonia has been cancelled due to a change in travel plans.

What is SITE?

Since its foundation in 1989, SITE has become a leading research and policy center on transition in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

Research meets policy

Our ambition is to serve as a bridge between the academic community and policy makers. To promote communication and the sharing of ideas we regularly organize policy oriented conferences and seminars. Through SITE, policy makers, scholars as well as representatives of major international financial institutions get an avenue to present new findings and political initiatives to a wide audience from the Swedish government, private businesses, media, and academics as well as members of the international diplomatic circle in Stockholm.


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  • Long-Run Trends in the Distribution of Income and Wealth


    Jesper Roine (with Daniel Waldenström), SITE Working Paper.

  • Islamic Rule and the Empowerment of the Poor and Pious


    Erik Meyersson, forthcoming in Econometrica.

  • Social Centipedes: the Impact of Group Identity on Preferences and Reasoning


    Chloé Le Coq (with J. Tremewan and A. Wagner), SITE Working Paper.

FREE Policy Briefs

  • Meeting Qualification Mismatch with Vocational Training


    Author: Florian Biermann, ISET. While in an ideal world the qualification preferences of job seekers and employers would coincide, in reality this is often not the case. Besides informational asymmetries (job seekers not knowing which qualifications are demanded by employers) the reason is that employers may be in need of qualifications that are not considered […]

  • How Transport Links Help Market Integration: the Case of Moscow Office Rental Market


    Authors: Anna Ignatenko (University of California, Davis), and Tatiana Mikhailova (RANEPA) This brief is based on a research project on Moscow office real estate (Ignatenko & Mikhailova, 2014). We study the market for office space rentals in Moscow. Our main interest regards spatial competition: when an object is rented, does the rental rate respond to […]