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StratCom Lunch with Henrik Landerholm on Sweden's National Security

On April 19th, 2023, the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication hosted a highly engaging event, "StratCom Lunch with Henrik Landerholm - A New Era of National Security." As Sweden's National Security Advisor, Mr. Landerholm provided valuable insights on building a National Security Council in today's complex world.

The Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication had the honor of hosting Mr. Henrik Landerholm, Sweden's new National Security Advisor, at the highly anticipated "StratCom Lunch - A New Era of National Security" on April 19th, 2023. Mr. Landerholm brought a wealth of experience to the event, drawing from his extensive background in the Swedish Foreign Service, including roles such as ambassador, head of Swedish operations in northern Afghanistan, President of the Swedish Defense University, Member of Parliament, and director-general for the Psychological Defence Agency. His expertise and insights on national security matters have made him a prominent figure in Sweden's defense and security landscape.

During the event, the audience actively participated in a lively Q&A session. One of the key inquiries was about how the new National Security Council aims to prevent an increase in bureaucracy surrounding security matters. Mr. Landerholm emphasized the council's commitment to streamlining processes and ensuring efficient decision-making to address security challenges effectively.

Another noteworthy question was raised about the impact of Sweden's increased military budget on its CO2 emissions. Mr. Landerholm shared the council's awareness of the need to balance national security priorities with environmental concerns, and highlighted their commitment to sustainable practices in defense and security policies.

The event provided a unique platform for in-depth discussions on critical security issues, and attendees were impressed by Mr. Landerholm's candid responses and expertise. The lively Q&A session added an interactive element to the event, facilitating a robust exchange of ideas and perspectives.

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The Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication extends its appreciation to Mr. Landerholm for his informative contributions.

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