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Photos from SITE Energy Talk 2024

Examine photos and presentation slides from each speaker down below.


The SITE Energy Talk 2024 opened with an introduction by Elena Paltseva, setting the stage for discussions on how political changes impact environmental policies across Europe. The conference, moderated by Chloe Le Coq, featured key presentations focusing on the challenges and strategies towards achieving sustainable energy transitions. Michaël Aklin highlighted the intricacies of decarbonizing multiple sectors across different jurisdictions, emphasizing the need for politically resilient strategies that can handle emerging demands and diverse energy sources like solar and wind. Paweł Wróbel elaborated on Poland's efforts towards net-zero emissions, discussing the significant shifts towards renewable energy amidst challenges like coal dependency and energy security. Thomas Tangerås discussed Sweden's energy transition, particularly focusing on the country's integration of nuclear and renewable energy sources, and detailing the historical and policy-driven shifts towards a fossil-free future.

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Photo of Elena Paltseva. Photo by: Dominick Nilsson

Elena Paltseva, Associate Professor at SITE, inaugurates the annual SITE Energy Talk 2024 "Greening politics - Navigating environmental policy consistency amidst political change" by welcoming all attendees in the room and online via Zoom.

Photo of Michaël Aklin. Photo by: Dominick Nilsson

Michaël Aklin, Associate Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, discusses the European perspective on green transition.

Photo of Paweł Wróbel. Photo by: Dominick Nilsson

Paweł Wróbel, Managing Director of the BalticWind.EU, talked about the energy transition in Poland towards net-zero at the SITE Energy Talk 2024.

Photo of Thomas Tangerås. Photo by: Dominick Nilsson

Thomas Tangerås, Associate Professor at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics / Institutet för Näringslivsforskning, spoke about the energy policy in Sweden and how Sweden navigate its energy policy to reach its green ambitions.