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Misum Annual Forum 2021: 'Responding to climate change - challenges and possible solutions'

On 8 October Misum will host our second Annual Forum as a full-day virtual event. With a cohort of global researchers, this academic and stakeholder conference will examine key issues in sustainable markets research and practice connected to the climate crisis.

2021 is proving to be a crucial year for the international community to accelerate science-based decision-making in response to tackling climate change. With the most recent IPCC report being hailed as a ‘code red for humanity, the upcoming COP26 held in Glasgow in November, and lessons on global crises unravelling from the COVID pandemic, the context for evidenced-based response is acute.

Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) is proud to host a vibrant line-up of high-level academics and young researchers working in the areas of sustainability, climate change, finance and economics who will present expert academic insights on climate-focused topics. Complementing the academic talks, a moderated practitioner panel with industry experts from the world of finance and high-emitting industries will provide insights from practice on what the impacts of climate change mean for industry and business.

The conference will be live-streamed, with speakers based around the world and at Misum’s home base of Stockholm School of Economics. Registration is required to watch the event live. Register here (please note that the registration link will not open in Internet Explorer - contact andreea.preluca@hhs.se if you encounter any registration issues). 

Academic presentations

This year’s presentations are heavily rooted in discussing existing and emerging scientific research on economics and climate change. Five keynote presentations from influential international scholars and three presentations from young Misum researchers will feature during the sessions. More details will be available soon.

Academic Speakers

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz
Professor of Economics
Columbia University

Prof. Laura Starks
Professor of Finance
Texas McCombs

Prof. Elke Weber
Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment
Princeton University

Prof. Samuel Fankhauser
Professor of Climate Change Economics and Policy
University of Oxford

Prof. Brendan O'Dwyer
Professor of Accounting
University of Amsterdam



Practitioners panel

In this one-hour panel, representatives from pension funds, major insurance companies and high emitting industries will share practical perspectives on the challenges and potential opportunities placed on industry and business by climate change. Discussions will explore what future climate scenarios mean for business and industry. More details will be available soon.

Industry Panelists

Vanessa Butani
VP Group Sustainability

Johan Florén
Head of Communications and ESG

Henrik Henriksson
H2 Green Steel

Tony Sandberg
Director of E-Mobility Scale Up

Karin Stenmar
Head of Sustainability

Misum Presenters and Moderators



Marek Reuter
Misum Affiliated Researcher
Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting



Conference Moderator:

Martina Björkman Nyqvist
Misum Executive Director
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Panel Moderator:

Emma Sjöström
Misum Sustainable Finance Initiative Co-director
Research Fellow, Department of Marketing and Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics

Panel Moderator:

Torkel Strömsten
Misum Accounting Frameworks Platform Director
Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Stockholm School of Economics

Junior Presentations Moderator:

Sarah Jack
Misum Sustainable Business Development through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform Director;
Professor, Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology


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