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Art talk: Jacob Dahlgren, Signs of abstraction

Welcome to Jacob Dahlgren´s world of stripes, patterns and abstractions! And to the brand new Jacob Dahlgren room at Stockholm School of Economics, the school's third art classroom. Jacob Dahlgren will give an Art talk on September 1, 12-13. Open for students, faculty and staff at SSE.


"Looking for abstractions is like seeing the world in another way. For me it gives the same sensation as walking around in an art museum."

Jacob Dahlgren works in projects. He always wears a striped t-shirt and is called "The striped artist”. His striped t-shirt project, Peinture Abstraite, can be followed via Jacob’s Instagram @jacob_dahlgren. Jacob has over 1 500 striped t-shirts, and sees himself as a living exhibition.
While walking around in his striped t-shirts, he always carry a camera. When he sees something that refers to an abstraction - he takes a pic. Jacob has tens of thousands photographs in a database called Signs of Abstraction.

Jacob Dahlgren´s art is also characterized by the use of colors, often combined in stripes, squares and abstract graphic patterns. Dahlgren creates a lot of his art with ready mades such as pencils, coffee mugs, tiles, folding rules, measuring tape or scales. SSE has a work of him in the permanent collection; Arise from 2001.

But what kind of concept is an abstraction? And how does it refer to your everyday life as a student or reseracher at SSE?

Welcome to this art talk, given the same day as SSE will raise two flags by the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren on the flagpoles outside the school on Sveavägen 65 - and thereby kicking of the Flag Project.

Jacob Dahlgren is a Swedish artist born 1970 and educated at the Royal Institute of Art. In 2007, he represented Sweden in the Nordic pavilion at the Venice Biennale. During the summer of 2021 he has been working on room 542 in the SSE´s main building at Sveavägen 65 - turning it into the school´s third art classroom.

12-13, September 1 in the Jacob Dahlgren room, floor 5 in the main building.

Sign up to tinni.rappe@hhs.se

A light lunch will be served.

The room takes only 20 people with the covid regulations: first come...

If you wear a striped t-shirt - you will get someting extra nice to drink with your lunch.

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