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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics consists of around 20 full-time faculty and 35 PhD students in an active research environment.

We are a very active research environment and faculty members regularly publish in leading journals. Our faculty teaches courses at all levels at the SSE and the Department is responsible for the degree programs in economics at the Bachelor and Master level. Our faculty also teaches a large share of the courses in the Stockholm Doctoral Program in Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

We take pride in our PhD program in Economics and the students are an integrated part of department life. Around half of the PhD students have moved to Sweden to start the program and the first placement is often at a university elsewhere in Europe or beyond. In contrast to some other universities the courses in the PhD are separate from the courses in the Master specialization. 

The Master program in Economics combines a rigorous theoretical approach with extensive real-world applications. Students learn how to use economic theory and methods in solving complex problems in many areas of economics. This is accomplished through a structured learning environment where a solid theoretical understanding is acquired during the first part of the program, and where a practically oriented problem-solving ability is the focus of the second part of the program. 

The research at the department covers a broad span in micro, macro and international economics. A wide range of methods are represented within the department - both theory and applied. Empirical work builds on for instance experiments and the type of high quality register data for which Scandinavia is known.

We typically place well in various rankings and collaborate with other leading European departments within the ENTER network.

Many alumni play a prominent role in academia as well as in public policy and in the private sector. The Department of Economics also has a distinguished history. Its first professor was Eli Heckscher (1909-1944). His student Bertil Ohlin was also a professor here (1929-1965) and was awarded the 1977 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for developing the Heckscher-Ohlin model of international trade.