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What We Do

House of Innovation started with an ambition of building an extraordinary research environment at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). A research-driven, inter-disciplinary and outreached-focused environment focused on research within Innovation, Digitalization and Entrepreneurship and its intersections.

The House encompasses the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology, the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Center for Innovative and Sustainable Business Development, and the Scania Center of Innovation and Operational Excellence. The House holds main responsibility for the Master of Business & Management and it contributes to teaching at all levels at SSE, and at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. The House works closely with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the SSE Business Lab incubator to appreciate and contribute to the Stockholm entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

The aim of the House is to nurture strong disciplinary cores while capturing interdisciplinary opportunities. 


House of Innovation currently engages 13 ordinary faculty members, 17 affiliated researchers, 14 PhD students and 4 staff members. Current faculty members include: Magnus Mähring (chair), Pär Åhlström, Sarah Jack, Mattia Bianchi, Roberto Verganti, Martin Sköld, Pär Mårtensson, Anders Richtnér, Holmer Kok, Mark Conley, Anna Essen, Ciara Sutton, Erik Wetter. The House also engage visiting faculty members such as Keith Goffin (adjunct professor) and Michael Barrett (visiting professor)


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