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What we do

House of Innovation is research-driven, interdisciplinary and outreach-focused environment at the Stockholm School of Economics concentrating on Innovation, Digitalization and Entrepreneurship and its intersections.

The aim of the House is to create a world-class research environment that nurtures strong disciplinary cores and captures interdisciplinary opportunities. We believe that such an environment is research-led, interdisciplinary, and impact focused. With these three factors mutually reinforcing each other, we can contribute to creating higher positive impact for business and for society at large.

The foundation of any successful research environment is the quality of its research output. Where the House of Innovation distinguishes itself in this regard is in its dynamic research environment. Here, internationally competitive researchers are encouraged and supported to explore interdisciplinary nuances in their work and discover uncharted insights.

The House of Innovation is built on the notion that innovation, entrepreneurship, and digitalization research today often requires a "prism view" to fully comprehend. Through this prism, different research perspectives blend to create new understanding. We believe there remain considerable synergies to exploit at the core of this nexus, and we are curious to investigate them.

Everything we do is impact focused. In concentrating our research on issues and phenomena that have a broad relevance we believe that we can generate the most advancement through we work. Beyond conducting research, we also strive tirelessly to disseminate our cumulative knowledge through seminars, conferences, and digital tools such as explainer videos, and social media.

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House of Innovation started with an ambition of building an extraordinary research environment at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Today, researchers at the House of Innovation produce scientifically-based knowledge relevant to academics, corporations, government agencies, civil society actors, and individuals. In doing so, they interact with an international network of scholars and academic institutions, as well as with corporate and institutional funders.