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Joel Smedberg

Lecturer/Data Scientist - Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology and Center for Data Analytics

Joel is the self-proclaimed patron saint of programming at the Stockholm School of Economics and as such he always tries to support students and faculty when anything related to data or computer science needs to be discussed. Should you have any questions, reach out to him by e-mail or feel free to swing by his office at Center for Data Analytics (room C823).

Currently, his primary interest is in the overlap of business and computer science.   

For the practical implementation of research in microeconomics and matching theory, he is also at the moment heavily involved in mittskolval.se, trying to optimize school allocation in practice.

During 2021/22 he is teaching in the following courses:

BE604 [Previously 743] – Data Science for Business 

BE605 – Current topics in Data Science 

NDH710 - Business Analysis with Excel

7313 - Data Science Analytics  

BE602 - Data Analytics II  

NDH108 - Current Issues in Retailing  

Outside of the regular curriculum he is also teaches at Executive Education in the course From Data to Business Impact.