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Highlights from the event "Economic and social context of domestic violence"

What are the consequences of domestic violence? What are the factors behind domestic violence? How does war affect the prevalence of gender violence in conflict areas and post conflicts? On 11 May 2022, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) together with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA) and the FREE Network hosted a hybrid conference focused on 'Economic and social context of domestic violence' with a special panel session on ‘Dimensions of gender-based violence in military conflicts’.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the academic and policy interest in the causes and consequences of domestic violence, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has tragically reminded us about the gender dimension of war. There is no doubt that a gender lens is a necessary perspective to understand and appreciate the full consequences of these two ongoing crises.

SITE together with CenEA and the FREE Network invited distinguished academics and experts to discuss gender-based violence and the role of policy and the international community in mitigating the risks that women face.

Special thanks

We would like to thank everyone who participated in person and online during the full day conference at the Stockholm School of Economics. Special thanks to all the speakers for sharing their insights and comments:

Dick Durevall (University of Gothenburg)

Marta Martínez-Matute (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) 

Victoria Endl-Geyer (ifo Institute, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Yaroslava Babych (ISET)

Monika Oczkowska (Centre for Economic Analysis) 

Maria Perrotta Berlin (Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics)

Bilge Erten (Northeastern University) 

Katerina Mantouvalou (ICF)

Chen Reis (Univerisity of Denver)

Lotta Sylwander (SIDA)

Leena Vastapuu (Swedish Defence University)

Deniz Sanin (Georgetown University)

Cristina Clerici (Stockholm School of Economics)

Ria Ivandic (London School of Economics)

Photos from the event

Jesper Roine welcomes all the participants who joined online and those who attended the conference in person.

Dick Durevall during his presentation "Gender Policy and Intimate Partner Violence in Colombia". See the presentation slides here.

Marta Martínez-Matute during her presentation "Specialized Courts and the Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Spain". See the presentation slides here.

Victoria Endl-Geyer during her presenation "Deterrence or Backlash? The Causal Effect of Arrest on the Dynamics of Domestic Violence".

Michal Myck introducing "FROGEE Survey of Gender Based Violence". Learn more about the survey here. See presentation slides here.

Yaroslava Babych during her presentation "Perceptions of violence and their socio-economic determinants: a comparative analysis". See the presentation slides here.

Monika Oczkowska during her presentation "Contexts and the Perception of Differential Treatment". See the presentation slides here.

Maria Perrotta Berlin during her presenation "Domestic Violence Legislation - Awareness and Support in Latvia, Russia and Ukraine". See the presentation slides here.

Bilge Erten during her keynote presentation "The Causes and Consequences of Domestic Violence". See the presentation slides here.

Pamela Campa moderating and introducing the policy panel discussion on "Dimensions of gender-based violence in military conflicts: limiting the scale and assisting the victims".

Speakers from the policy panel discussion "Dimensions of gender-based violence in military conflicts: limiting the scale and assisting the victims", see the presentation slides here. From top left: Pamela Campa, Bilge Erten, Leena Vastapuu. From bottom left: Katarina Mantouvalou, Lotta Sylvander and Chen Reis.

Speakers during the session "Understanding the Factors Behind Domestic Violence". From top left: Maria Perrotta Berlin was moderating the session, Deniz Sanin presented "Paid Work for Women and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan Coffee Mills" (Read the paper here), Cristina Clerici presented "Unemployment and Intra-Household Dynamics: the Effect of Male Job Loss on Intimate Partner Violence in Uganda" (See the presentation slides here). From bottom left: Ria Ivandic presented "Football, Alcohol and Domestic Abuse" (See the presentation slides here) and Bilge Erten joined the discussion.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in events, policy briefs, working papers and other publications are those of the authors and/or speakers; they do not necessarily reflect those of SITE, the FREE Network and its research institutes.

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