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2014 Conference

Industrial Upgrading and Urbanization

Stockholm, 28-29 August 2014

Call for papers​
Conference program


Session 1

The Cleansing Effect of Minimum Wage
Florian Mayneris, Sandra Poncet, Zhang Tao
Discussant: Carl Lin

Minimum Wages and Employment in China
Tony Fang, Carl Lin
Discussant: Carsten A. Holz

Wage Determination in China during the Reform Period
Carsten A. Holz
Discussant: Zhang Tao

Session 2

Financial Liberalization and Urbanization
Xun Wang, Anders C. Johansson
Discussant: Shiwei Hu

Brighter Cities are Bigger Cities
Shiwei Hu, Charles Van Marrewijk, Steven Brakman
Discussant: Michael Funke

Session 3

China's Patent Explosion and Its Quality Implications
Cheryl Long, Jun Wang
Discussant: Xuanwei Cao

Innovation, Productivity and the Integration into Global Value Chain
Chun-Yu Ho, Dan Li, Shougui Luo
Discussant: Cheryl Long

Strategic New Industry Development in China: A Critical Analysis of the Role of Local Government
Xuanwei Cao
Discussant: Chun-Yu Ho

Session 4

Sources of Relatedness between Industries and Revealed Comparative Advantage: Evidence from China
Yao Amber Li, Linke Zhu
Discussant: Marco Sanfilippo

Upgrading through Outward FDI - Evidence from Chinese EMNEs
C. Cozza, R. Rabellotti, M. Sanfilippo
Discussant: Linke Zhu

Session 5

Subnational Leaders and Economic Growth​
Yang Yao
Discussant: Kjetil Storesletten

Local Economic Growth and the Legacy of SOEs in China
Loren Brandt, Gueorgui Kambourov, Kjetil Storsletten
Discussant: Yanrui Wu

Local Government Debt and Economic Growth in China
Yanrui Wu
Discussant: Loren Brandt

Session 6

China's Rural-Urban Age Structure, Sectoral Employment and Economic Growth​ [updated 2014/08/25]
Jane Golley, Zheng Wei
Discussant: Qing Xia

Attract the Talents Back: The Impact of Returnee Entrepreneurs on Venture Capital Investments [updated 2014/08/20]
Jieying Li, Qing Xia
Discussant: Zheng Wei

Session 7

The Global Production Line Position of Chinese Firms
Davin Chor, Kalin Manova, Zhihong Yu
Discussant: Xiaobo Zhang

Have Chinese Firms Become Smaller?​ [updated 2014/08/25]
Wu Zhu, Qiming Wang, Xiaobo Zhang
Discussant: Xiaoyang Li

Imitating to Export​
Xiaoyang Li, Antung A. Liu
Discussant:​ Zhihong Yu

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