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New Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Misum

Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets is pleased to announce Andreea Preluca as the new Misum Stakeholder Engagement Manager – with focus on sustainability and research.

Before joining Misum last year, Andreea worked for several years with marketing and communications in the tourism sector, most recently helping travel companies in the UK and Ireland transition to responsible travel. Her sustainability interests closely align with research work carried out at Misum, including on sustainable and democratic business models, common ownership, and theories and practices of pluralist economics. She has an MSc degree in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University and a BA degree in Marketing from Coventry University in the UK.

Andreea has been part of the Stakeholder Engagement team since September 2020, working with Misum’s digital channels, research communications and a wide range of events. Most recently she coordinated the delivery of Misum’s flagship conference, the Misum Forum 2021 as a full day virtual event. Moving forward she will focus on managing all outreach activities at the center, developing collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders, and communicating the research done at Misum to different internal and external groups.  

Reach out to her for potential collaborations with Misum, ideas or questions: andreea.preluca@hhs.se.


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