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Misum Annual Report 2020

Download our annual report to read about Misum’s new research trajectory on accelerating scientific knowledge for sustainable markets with impact.

2020 WAS A CRUCIAL YEAR for Misum as we embarked on our second five-year funding period from Mistra – a true acknowledgement of the focus on interdisciplinary research on advancing markets toward sustainable development. In the same year, we initiated the next phase of our journey towards reaching the vision to be the globally recognized interdisciplinary knowledge hub on sustainable markets.

To meet this ambition, the Misum team created an energetic research momentum with three dynamic new platforms and one cross-cutting initiative: 1.) Accounting Frameworks 2.) Human Capital and Sustainable Development 3.) Sustainable Business Development through Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the Sustainable Finance Initiative which investigates how financial markets may best serve at the intersection of each research theme. Accompanying our thematic focus is an increased emphasis on developing cutting-edge research with researchers across universities and developing broader engagement with diverse stakeholder groups.

Our 2020 Annual Report details some of our work to tackle the complex issues facing our economies and societies with these ambitions in mind.

We are proud of what Misum has accomplished during a year characterized by a global pandemic that has deeply affected how we work and the type of research questions we ask. As we continue the work in 2021, the growing cohort at Misum is a strong research-focused team committed to our future journey.

We hope you will feel inspired by what you read. We hope to engage with you on this mission.