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EIJS Academy

Started in the spring of 1998, the EIJS Academy in Tokyo aims to support Swedish industry by providing expatriates working in Swedish subsidiary companies in Japan with an orientation into different aspects of Japanese business, economics, culture, and social life. The Academy has been established in collaboration with the Young Chamber Network of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Japan. The EIJS Academy Programme consists of a lecture seminar series in English, with an evening seminar offered once a month on a topic of general interest for the business community. Lecturers are highly qualified experts drawn from academia, business, or government. Each seminar consists of a lecture and Q&A discussion session.

For more information about the EIJS Academy, please contact eijsjap@gmail.com Tokyo Office.


EIJS offers executive education both in Sweden and Japan. In Sweden, the EIJS Executive Education Programme provides companies with a smorgasbord of courses and modules to fit their specific requirements for training executives, middle managers and employees to succeed in the East Asian and Japanese markets. EIJS also undertakes executive education for Japanese businessmen in Sweden to help them manage cross-cultural differences.

In Japan, advanced management courses are offered to European executives to increase their knowledge of the forces at work in the Japanese market. The EIJS Academy, with a membership composed of young expatriates working for Swedish subsidiary companies who wish to deepen their understanding of Japan, was established in the spring of 1998 and has thus far been highly successful.