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Strömsten, Torkel

Associate Professor
Department of Accounting

Torkel Strömsten's research interests are within management accounting and control, the interface between accounting, governance, marketing and innovation.

He has published his research in books and journals like the Management Accounting Research, Journal of Business Research and Industrial Marketing Management.

Publications (selected)

Kraus, K., Strömsten, T (2016). "Internal/inter-firm dynamics and power – a case study of the Ericsson-Vodafone relationship". Management Accounting Research, 33, 61-72

Alenius, E., Lind, J. & Strömsten, T. (2015). The role of open book accounting in a supplier network: Creating and managing interdependencies across company boundaries. Industrial Marketing Management. Vol 45, pp. 195–206.

Christner, H. & Strömsten, T. (2015). Scientists, Venture Capitalists and the Stock Exchange. The Mediating role of accounting in Product innovation. Management Accounting Research. Vol. 28. pp 50–67.

Kraus, K. & Strömsten, T. (2012). Going Public: The role of accounting and shareholder value in making sense of an IPO. Management Accounting Research. Vol. 23. Issue 3. pp. 186-201.

Strömsten, T.; & Waluszewski A. (2012). Governance and resource interaction in networks. The role of Venture capital in a biotech start-up. Journal of Business Research. Vol. 65. Issue 2. pp. 232-244.


Post-doctoral fellow: Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse (2002-2005)

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