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Master Thesis Award to Accounting Students

03 December 2015
On November 23 two graduates of the Master Program in Accounting and Financial Management, Sebastian Anesten and Niclas Möller, were awarded the Söderberg Partner Prize for best master thesis in finance. Niclas and Sebastian wrote their thesis "Complex Parsimony in Equity Valuation – An Empirical Assessment of Model Design and the Incremental Effects of Complexity" under the supervision of Professor Kenth Skogsvik in the spring of 2015. Congratulations Niclas and Sebastian!

Henning Christner Awarded Wallander Scholarship

30 November 2015
Henning Christner, at the Department of Accounting, has been awarded the Wallander scholarship from Handelsbanken Forskningsstiftelser. Henning defended his thesis "The Valuable Organisation" on June 12. Congratulations Henning!

Interviews in Knowledge@Wharton

19 November 2015
In two recent articles in the Wharton School Online Journal, Martin Carlsson-Wall and Gabriel Karlberg, both researchers at the Department of Accounting, were interviewed about the success of Swedish start-up companies and the phenomena of so-called clones in the tech industry. Read more here:

The Research School in Accounting (FIRE) is launched

03 November 2015
With a two-day workshop at Kämpasten in October, the Research School in Accounting (FIRE) is now officially launched. This research school for ph.d-students is a joint collaboration between SSE, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. It is funded by Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius’ Foundations and the Torsten Söderberg’s Foundation.

Welcome to the Class of 2015 in the Master Program in Accounting and Financial Management

31 August 2015
On August 27, Henrik Nilsson, as the head of the master program in Accounting and Financial Management, hosted a welcome reception in his garden in Enskede for our 57 new master students. Welcome to the Class of 2015!

The department of Accounting welcomes two new PhD students

31 August 2015
This semester we welcome two new PhD students to the department. Patrik Tran, (previously a research assistant and master student) and Emilia Cederberg (previously at Sustainalytics) both enter the PhD program as of September 1. Most welcome to the department Patrik and Emelia!

Dissertation defense by Henning Christner

26 June 2015
On June 12, Henning Christner from the Department of Accounting successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation entitled “The Valuable Organisation: A Study of How Activities are Calculated, Controlled and Made Valuable” . The discussant was Professor Kari Lukka, University of Turku.

Professor Emeritus Sven-Erik Johansson has passed away

24 June 2015
Sven-Erik Johansson, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Accounting, passed away in June 2015 at the age of 91. Sven-Erik will be greatly missed by his colleagues at the department.

Niclas Hellman appointed new chairman of the FRSC

25 May 2015
Acting Professor Niclas Hellman at the Department of Accounting was recently appointed new Chairman of the Financial Reporting Standards Committee (FRSC) of European Accounting Association (EAA). The FRSC is responsible for liaising with the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) and European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) on behalf of the EAA to facilitate the use of academic research in the standard-setting process and to ensure that the voice of the European academic community is heard. More information about the FRSC can be found at: http://www.eaa-online.org/r/default.asp?iId=FDGEGD

Magnus Bild new Adjunct Professor in Accounting

22 May 2015
As of July 1 Magnus Bild will have a position as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Accounting. Magnus holds a Phd from SSE and left the department in the early 2000's. Magnus, who is an excellent teacher, will give a master course about financial communication, further strengthening our offering to SSE students. Welcome back Magnus!

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