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18 June 2018
The Department of Accounting is welcoming leading experts in Accounting and Strategy at the 12th LSE/A-MBS/SSE Accounting and Capital Markets Conference on June 18, 2018 at SSE.

Torsten Söderberg Foundation has granted SEK 1 940 000 to the ”Research School in Accounting - FIRE"

21 December 2017
Torsten Söderberg Foundation has granted SEK 1 940 000 to the ”Research School in Accounting - FIRE". The Research School in Accounting is a joint project with Gothenburg University, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

Professor Henrik Nilsson becomes Associate Editor at EAR

05 December 2017
Congratulations to Professor Henrik Nilsson at the Accounting department who has been appointed Associate Editor of the European Accounting Review, one of Europe’s most prestigious accounting journals.

Ting Dong has received a Scholarship from Revisionsakademin

16 November 2017
Ting Dong has received a scholarship of 335,000 Kr from Revisionsakademin for her project "The impact of audit regulation change on Swedish firms’ tax avoidance behavior". Congratulations Ting!

New colleagues at the Department of Accounting

04 September 2017
The Department of Accounting is welcoming new colleagues Anastasiya Klyuchko, Kai Krauss, Mariya Ivanova, Gustav Johed, Johan Graaf and Derya Vural.


28 August 2017
Associate professor Jane Baxter is visiting the Department of Accounting and the Centre for Sports and Business from 14th August until 1st September.

Kenth Skogsvik received research grant from Handelsbanken’s research foundations

14 June 2017
Kenth Skogsvik has together with SSE colleagues Peter Jennergen, Henrik Andersson, Stina Skogsvik and Håkan Thorsell received a research grant of 2,5 MSEK from Handelsbanken’s research foundations.

Per Åhblom successfully defended his dissertation

08 June 2017
Congratulations to Per Åhblom who on June 8th successfully defended his thesis: "The Financial Performance - A study of how financial numbers become meaningful."

FIRE receives grant from Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius Foundation

02 June 2017
Torkel Strömsten has received 2.5 MSEK from Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius Foundation for further development of the Research School in Accounting, FIRE. Co-applicants were Bino Catasús (Stockholm University), Johnny Lind (Stockholm School of Economics) and Fredrik Nilsson (Uppsala University).

Christoph Schneider receives Research grant from Torsten Söderberg’s Foundation

07 March 2017
Christoph Schneider, PhD student at the Department of Accounting and member of the Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research (SIR), has received a research grant from the Torsten Söderberg’s Foundation for his project “Open Book Accounting in capital equipment sales” (“Öppna kalkyler vid försäljning av kapitalutrustning”). The research grant, worth 410,000 SEK, allows him to finalise his PhD thesis during 2017. Congratulations, Christoph!

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