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Wennberg, Karl

I am professor of organization and entrepreneurship at Linköping University and visiting research fellow at SSE. My research is on Entrepreneurship, Regional Development, and Organization Theory. I study theoretical, practical and policy implication of these streams of research and communicate this in articles, books, case studies and public policy papers. I have lectured in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and consulted for NGOs, governments, and private firms.

Selected Articles

Halvarsson, D., Korpi, M., Wennberg, K. 2018. Entrepreneurship and income inequality. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 145, 275–293.

Hedström, P. & Wennberg, K. 2017. Causal Mechanisms in Organization and Innovation Research. Innovation: Organization & Management. 19(1), 91-102.

Larsson, J. P., Wennberg, K., Wiklund, J., & Wright, M. 2017. Location choices of graduate entrepreneurs. Research Policy, 46(8): 1490-1504.

Bird, M. & Wennberg, K. 2016. Why family matters: The Impact of Family Capital Resources on Immigrants’ Exit from Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing. 31(6): 687-704.

Kim, P., Wennberg, K. & Crodieu, G. (2016). Meso-Level Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Activity in Societies. Academy of Management Perspectives. 30(3) 273-291.

Elert, N., Andersson, F. & Wennberg, K. 2015. The impact of entrepreneurship education in high school on long-term entrepreneurial performance. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization . 111: 209-223.

Wennberg, K. & DeTienne, D. 2014. The end is the beginning – or not? A Critical Review of Research on Entrepreneurial Exit. International Small Business Journal, 32: 4-16.

Toft-Kehler, R., Wennberg, K. & Kim, P. 2014. Practice Makes Perfect: Entrepreneurial-Experience Curves and Venture Performance. Journal of Business Venturing, 29: 453-470.

Bird, M. & Wennberg, K. 2014. Regional Influences on the Prevalence of Family Versus Non-Family Start-Ups. Journal of Business Venturing, 29: 421-436.

Coad, A., Daunfeldt, S-O., Johansson, D. & Wennberg, K. 2014. Who do High-Growth Firms Hire? Industrial and Corporate Change, 23: 293-327.

Wennberg, K., Pathak, & Autio, E. 2013. How Culture molds the effects of self efficacy and fear of failure on Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 25: 756-780.

Autio, E., Pathak, S. & Wennberg, K. 2013. Consequences of Cultural Practices for Entrepreneurial Behaviors. Journal of International Business Studies. 44: 334-362.

Delmar, F., McKelvie, A., & Wennberg, K. 2013. Untangling the relationships among growth, profitability and survival in new firms. Technovation 33: 276-291.

Nordqvist, M., Wennberg, K. Bau, M. & Hellerstedt, K. 2013. Succession in private firms as an entrepreneurial process. Small Business Economics. 40: 1087-1122

Wennberg, K. Hellerstedt, K., Wiklund, J. & Nordqvist, M. 2011. Implications of Intra-Family and External Ownership transfer of family firms: Short-term and Long-term performance Differences. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 5: 352–373.

Delmar, F., Wennberg, K. & Hellerstedt, K. 2011. Endogenous growth through knowledge spillovers in entrepreneurship. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. 5: 199–226.

Wennberg, K., Wiklund, J., Wright, M. 2011. Academic Entrepreneurship: Performance differences between university spin-offs and corporate spin-offs. Research Policy, 40: 1128-1143.

Folta, T. Delmar, F. & Wennberg . K. 2010. Hybrid Entrepreneurship.  Management Science, 56: 253-268.

Wennberg, K., Wiklund, J., DeTienne, D. & Cardon, M. 2010. Reconceptualizing Entrepreneurial Exit: Divergent Exit Routes and their Drivers. Journal of Business Venturing, 25: 361-375.

Wennberg, K. & Lindqvist G. 2010. The effects of Clusters of the Survival and Performance of New Firms. Small Business Economics, 32: 221-241.

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